How to deploy Neo4j to Azure with Visual Studio 2012 - A step-by-step guide.

UPDATE 7/12/2013: This blog post series was created with Azure SDK 1.8. I spent a bit of time trying to upgrade it to Azure SDK 2.0 and ran into too many breaking changes and not enough motivation to figure them all out. I recommend following the steps in this post: “Point-Click Deployment of Neo4j to Windows Azure“ instead. Thanks, Jon

I just spent a bunch of time searching the interwebs to find out the best way to get Neo4j up and running on Azure. Tatham has some great resources and talks, but I couldn’t get his Neo4j.Server.AzureWorkerHost NuGet package working. So, I decided to go the Raymond Tsang route and after many hours of mucking around I finally got it working today. There were a lot of time consuming hurdles, so I thought I’d save you some time and do a very detailed post to help you get from nothing to a fully functioning Neo4j deployment on Azure.

Part 0. How to deploy Neo4j to Azure using Visual Studio 2012 – Overview

Part 1. Create Azure Account and Prepare Azure for Neo4j Deployment

Part 2. Download the Azure SDK and Configure Azure in Visual Studio Server Explorer

Part 3. Download and Configure the Neo4j.Azure.Server Solution

Part 4. Upload Java and Neo4j to Azure

Part 5. Deploy Neo4j to Azure

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Hope this helps you out. LMK if you run into any issues.