The best Kindle light is the eBook Lite from Pathway Lights

I’ve tried a ton of different reading lights with my Kindle and my favorite is called the eBook Lite (aka eReader Lite) from Pathway Lights. I like it better than the Kindle because it’s smaller, but has the same effect. It shines light down from the top of the book, so there is minimal glare. It’s compact enough to quickly throw in your pocket. Also, when reading while lying down you can use it to prop up your Kindle on its side.

All those clip on lights with the adjustable arms are pretty annoying, especially if you want to quickly throw it into your pocket. You also have to move that arm around all the while you are reading because it gets in the way.

According to the manufacturers site you can get them at Office Depot, Target and the Container Store.

I bought my eBook Lite at my local Target store for $10, but I can’t find it on their website.

But I did find it on the Container Store site for $15

I also found a YouTube review of it here:

Pathway Lights eReader Lite Review - YouTube

This light will also work with any other eReaders, Nook, Kobo, etc.