Why I <3 AngularJS. Easy to learn. One lib. Backed by Google.


A friend of mine, an experienced MV* dev, recently asked me why I have such a “strong interest” in AngularJS? My quick response was:

Easy to learn. One lib. Backed by Google.

Let me explain.


Unlike a lot of the other SPA frameworks out there, AngularJS was very easy for me to grok. It just clicked. Dan Wahlin’s AngularJS in 60ish Minutes video certainly helped…also checkout the AngularJS Pluralsight and TekPub courses.

HTML5 attribute mapping and custom directives are how I like to think. The documentation leaves a lot to be desired, but the AngularJS community has been a big help.

The other frameworks were overwhelming from the get go. I didn’t want to spend a lot of time learning about the framework just to get a simple app up.

I watched Dan Wahlin’s video and then the next day, when I was waiting in the car without an internet connection, I was able to build an AngularJS app from memory.


The other SPAs frameworks that I looked at were really wrappers around wrappers – an amalgam of a bunch of different libraries. I dreaded having to learn all the libraries – and was concerned about having to update version of one library and it not being compatible with the rest of them.

AngularJS is nice because most of what you need for a full SPA is included. I still use jQuery, Font Awesome, Toaster, but I don’t really consider those part of the core SPA functionality. Core for me is MV*, Data, History, Binding & DI – all of which is included in AngularJS.


AngularJS is supported by Google. The others don’t have the same big name backing. I have a feeling that they will continue to support AngularJS for the foreseeable future. Javascript frameworks come and go and I don’t want to build my app on a framework that has an unknown risk of being dropped by the devs.

That’s my opinion on AngularJS and why I’ve decided to use it for my SPA apps. There are many other reasons why AngularJS is a great SPA choice, but those 3 came to mind first.