How to get a free ASUS ZENBOOK UX31A power tip for Targus ACP71USZ Docking Station


The Targus ACP71USZ docking station doesn’t come with an ASUS UX31A power tip. Targus will send you one for free. Just go to the Targus support chat page and tell them what you need and they’ll ship it to you for free. I just got mine and it works great.

They’ll ask you where and when you got the docking station, so have that info ready.

If they ask if you have the Touch or the non-Touch version, just tell them you have the non-Touch version. The first guy I chatted with told me they didn’t have a tip compatible with the Touch version. I called ASUS and asked them if the UX31A touch and non-touch adapters are interchangeable and they said yes. So I chatted with Targus again and they didn’t ask that time. They just said okay and sent them to me.

Targus is a-okay in my books.