How I Gained 30 Pounds in a Year

This has been an amazing year. About a year ago, I decided to quit Microsoft and join Starbucks as a Barista Manager in Issaquah. A lot has happened over the last year, but the most important thing is my renewed commitment to my health.

I’ve always been on the border between a L and XL and this year I finally decided to make a commitment to XL. In doing so, I came to the conclusion that I would need to gain some weight - at least 30 pounds - a huge challenge, but I was up for it!

So, one year ago today I made the commitment to gain 30 pounds and I’m proud to say that as of a week ago I reached that mark. A year ago today I weighed 160…now…wait for it!..I’m a whopping 190 pounds. I’m super excited to have met this goal and so thankful to my friends and family (especially my wife) for their continued support over the last year. It’s been life changing - new daily habits, new food, new clothes, new car, new doorways - all very thrilling.

Here’s how I went about turning my life around:

Exercise: Before I used to walk at least 10k steps a day. I had a FitBit and I would obsess over that number. Now I move very little. I work from home a lot - often right from my bed. I also used to take afternoon walks - cut those out as well. I now have a hard time making it up a flight of stairs without taking a break - but that’s okay - because I rarely use the stairs.

Food: Before I use to eat fresh fruit and nuts for snacks. Now I stack up on bars, candy and chips. I also used to stay away from fried foods and burgers - now that’s all I eat. I actually have this fun game I play where I will ONLY eat fried foods for a month. Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks, Dinner - All fried. Fried Eggs, French Fries, Chicken Katsu and Fried Chicken Wings. Before this change, I used to drink a few beers at night - now I try to finish off at least a 6 pack before crashing for the night. Usually followed by some late night snacks - with lots of carbs.

Huge changes - lots of sacrifices - but worth it! I know this diet won’t work for everyone, but it worked for me. Obviously, consult your doctor before taking on something like this.

A huge thanks to everyone who cheered me on over the last year! Here’s to 30 more!