How to find all the Azure Built-In Roles for Azure RBAC with Azure CLI, PowerShell, Docs, or AzAdvertizer

Here are a bunch of ways you can find which roles are built into Azure. This will come in super handy when you need to assign a role to a service principal or user with Azure CLI commands like this:

az role assignment create --assignee 3db3ad97-06be-4c28-aa96-f1bac93aeed3 --role "Azure Maps Data Reader"

Azure CLI

  1. Query the big honking json
az role definition list
  1. Query all, but only return Name and Id in a nice table
az role definition list --query "sort_by([].{Name:roleName,Id:name}, &Name)" --output table
  1. Filter by name contains:

This one filters for roles with “Map” in the name:

az role definition list --query "sort_by([?contains(roleName, 'Map')].{Name:roleName,Id:name}, &Name)" --output table

Azure PowerShell



This page has all the built in roles:


Just found this site today by Julian Hayward. It’s a great way to find roles