Archive: 2004

VSS File Paths

Here’s how to get the full path to a file in VSS. Right click on file and select Properties from context menu.2. Click Report Button3. Click Preview Button4. The “Preview File Properties Report” d

Outlook 2003 Add-in for XP Events

In the process of building a COM Add-in for Outlook I ran into the issue of events not being fired with XP. I needed to capture the ItemAdd, ItemSend and SelectionChange events, which his was working

VSS Cloaking

I finally learned what the cloaking feature of VSS does and wanted to share. If you cloak a folder, you are marking it as a folder that you do not want to include in a recursive get. For example, lets

Name That Control

What do naming convention do you prefer when naming controls and why? Hungarian: lblUsername Pascal: UsernameLabel or Username Camel: username Other?

Beyond Compare

I am amazed at how many developers are still using windiff or VSS diff tool. Beyond Compare is great tool that I use almost daily. It allows you to diff files and folders using the context menu of Win