Microsoftie Perks - Why I love working at Microsoft

There are many reasons why I like being a Microsoftie. Every once and while I do something here or take advantage of one of the perks and I think man it is nice to be a Microsoftie and I want to share it.

This is the index post for my “Microsoftie Perks” posts. I will continue to update this post as I discover new perks.

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Microsoftie Perks!

# 1
Dogfood: I get to install and test prerelease versions of any Microsoft product including Visual Studio, TFS, MVC, Office and SQL Server before the rest of the world does

# 2
Direct communication and prompt responses from Microsoft Execs like Scott Guthrie, Lisa Brummel and Brian Harry

# 3
Free MSDN, TechNet and Azure Subscriptions

# 4
Charitable Gift Match: Microsoft matches employee giving dollar for dollar with cash or Microsoft products

# 5
Free Microsoft Certification Exams

# 6
Free Drinks

# 7
Library: Microsoft has an internal library where you can borrow books, journals, papers and get access to research databases

# 8
Free Gym Membership at PRO Club or Columbia Athletic Clubs

# 9
Access to product team devs

# 10
Free hardware like the insane giveaway at this year’s company meeting … a new Windows 8 machine, Windows Phone 8 and Surface RT