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Here are the Build 2012 speaker blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+ accounts. Enjoy!


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You can easily follow all the Build 2012 speakers by going to the Build 2012 Speaker list page and clicking “Follow” next to the speakers that you want to follow.!/jongallant/build-2012-speakers/members


Aaron HillegassAaron HillegassAaron HillegassAaron HillegassAaron HillegassAaron HillegassAaron Hillegass
Adina Trufinescu Adina TrufinescuAdina TrufinescuAdina Trufinescu
Alan LudwigAlan LudwigAlan LudwigAlan LudwigAlan Ludwig
Ale Contenti Ale ContentiAle Contenti
Amanda Silver Amanda Silver
Anders Hejlsberg Anders HejlsbergAnders HejlsbergAnders Hejlsberg
Andrew Byrne
Andrew Clinick Andrew ClinickAndrew Clinick
Andrew Cowart
Andrew Hall
Andy Wilson
Artur Laksberg Artur Laksberg
Arvind Ladha Arvind Ladha
Avi Ben-Menahem Avi Ben-MenahemAvi Ben-MenahemAvi Ben-MenahemAvi Ben-Menahem
Bede Jordan Bede JordanBede Jordan
Ben RigaBen RigaBen RigaBen RigaBen Riga Ben Riga
Brandon BrayBrandon BrayBrandon Bray Brandon Bray
Brian KellerBrian KellerBrian Keller Brian Keller
Brian TylerBrian TylerBrian Tyler Brian Tyler
Buck HodgesBuck HodgesBuck HodgesBuck HodgesBuck HodgesBuck Hodges
Can Comertoglu Can ComertogluCan Comertoglu
Carl Callewaert Carl CallewaertCarl CallewaertCarl Callewaert
Carl Sobeski Carl Sobeski
Chas Boyd Chas Boyd
Chris Anderson
Chris Guzak Chris GuzakChris Guzak
Chris Pendleton Chris PendletonChris PendletonChris Pendleton
Chris RisnerChris RisnerChris RisnerChris RisnerChris Risner Chris Risner
Cliff Strom Cliff StromCliff Strom
Cristina del Amo Casado Cristina del Amo CasadoCristina del Amo Casado
Cyrielle Simeone Cyrielle SimeoneCyrielle Simeone
Damian EdwardsDamian EdwardsDamian EdwardsDamian EdwardsDamian Edwards
Daniel Estrada Alva Daniel Estrada Alva
Daniel PlaistedDaniel PlaistedDaniel PlaistedDaniel PlaistedDaniel PlaistedDaniel Plaisted
Daniel Roth
Dave Campbell
Dave Cliffe
Dave McPherson
Dave Thaler
David InghamDavid InghamDavid InghamDavid InghamDavid Ingham
David Ku
David RoussetDavid RoussetDavid RoussetDavid RoussetDavid RoussetDavid Rousset
David StarrDavid StarrDavid StarrDavid StarrDavid Starr
Deepesh MohnaniDeepesh MohnaniDeepesh MohnaniDeepesh MohnaniDeepesh MohnaniDeepesh Mohnani
Don McCradyDon McCrady Don McCradyDon McCradyDon McCrady
Donovan FolletteDonovan FolletteDonovan FolletteDonovan FolletteDonovan FolletteDonovan Follette
Doug Rothaus Doug Rothaus
Drew RobbinsDrew RobbinsDrew RobbinsDrew RobbinsDrew RobbinsDrew Robbins
Elden Christensen Elden Christensen
Eli Tamanaha Eli TamanahaEli Tamanaha
Elliot H Omiya
Eray Chou Eray Chou
Eric Bennett Eric Bennett
F Avery Bishop F Avery BishopF Avery Bishop
Frank Gorgenyi Frank GorgenyiFrank Gorgenyi
George Roussos
Giorgio SardoGiorgio Sardo Giorgio SardoGiorgio Sardo
Haishi BaiHaishi BaiHaishi BaiHaishi BaiHaishi BaiHaishi Bai
Hemant Mahawar Hemant Mahawar
Herb SutterHerb SutterHerb SutterHerb SutterHerb Sutter
Ian Ferreira Ian FerreiraIan Ferreira
Ilya HaykinsonIlya HaykinsonIlya HaykinsonIlya HaykinsonIlya HaykinsonIlya Haykinson
Jai Haridas Jai HaridasJai Haridas
Jaime RodriguezJaime RodriguezJaime RodriguezJaime RodriguezJaime Rodriguez
Jamie Cool Jamie Cool
Jatinder MannJatinder MannJatinder MannJatinder MannJatinder Mann
Jay Kapur Jay Kapur
Jeff BurtoftJeff BurtoftJeff BurtoftJeff BurtoftJeff BurtoftJeff Burtoft
Jeff Han
Jeffrey Ferman Jeffrey Ferman
Jerry Dunietz Jerry Dunietz
Jim NakashimaJim NakashimaJim NakashimaJim NakashimaJim NakashimaJim Nakashima
Jim Radigan Jim Radigan
Joe Giardino Joe GiardinoJoe Giardino
John Bruno John BrunoJohn Bruno
John SheehanJohn SheehanJohn SheehanJohn Sheehan
John Stallo John Stallo
John-David DaltonJohn-David DaltonJohn-David DaltonJohn-David Dalton
Johnny HalifeJohnny HalifeJohnny HalifeJohnny HalifeJohnny HalifeJohnny Halife
Jon GallowayJon GallowayJon GallowayJon GallowayJon Galloway Jon Galloway
Jordan RudessJordan RudessJordan RudessJordan RudessJordan Rudess Jordan Rudess
Jorge Peraza Jorge Peraza
Joseph Ngari Joseph Ngari
Josh Dunn Josh Dunn
Josh TwistJosh TwistJosh TwistJosh TwistJosh Twist Josh Twist
Josh Williams
Justin BeckwithJustin BeckwithJustin BeckwithJustin BeckwithJustin Beckwith
Justin Garrett
Justin Saint Clair Justin Saint ClairJustin Saint Clair
Kamen Moutafov
Kathy CarperKathy CarperKathy Carper
Kathy KamKathy KamKathy Kam Kathy Kam
Keenan NewtonKeenan NewtonKeenan NewtonKeenan NewtonKeenan Newton
Kenneth Hansen
Kieran Mockford Kieran MockfordKieran Mockford
Kiran Kumar
Kirupa ChinnathambiKirupa ChinnathambiKirupa ChinnathambiKirupa ChinnathambiKirupa ChinnathambiKirupa Chinnathambi
Kraig BrockschmidtKraig BrockschmidtKraig BrockschmidtKraig BrockschmidtKraig BrockschmidtKraig Brockschmidt
Kushal ShahKushal ShahKushal Shah Kushal Shah
Kyle Marsh Kyle Marsh
Larry GugerLarry GugerLarry GugerLarry GugerLarry GugerLarry Guger
Larry Lieberman Larry Lieberman
Lisa Ong Lisa Ong
Lora HeinyLora HeinyLora HeinyLora HeinyLora Heiny
Luke HobanLuke HobanLuke HobanLuke HobanLuke HobanLuke Hoban
Mads KristensenMads KristensenMads KristensenMads KristensenMads Kristensen Mads Kristensen
Mads TorgersenMads TorgersenMads Torgersen Mads TorgersenMads Torgersen
Marcin Stankiewicz Marcin Stankiewicz
Marian Luparu Marian Luparu
Mark Hopkins
Mark RussinovichMark RussinovichMark RussinovichMark RussinovichMark RussinovichMark Russinovich
Mark SimmsMark SimmsMark SimmsMark Simms
Mark T Morrison
Martyn LovellMartyn LovellMartyn LovellMartyn LovellMartyn Lovell
Mathew George
Matt Arnold
matt winklermatt winklermatt winklermatt winklermatt winkler
Matthew Cooper
Matthew Howard Matthew HowardMatthew Howard
Matthias Baer Matthias Baer
Max McMullen Max McMullen
Maxim Lukiyanov Maxim LukiyanovMaxim Lukiyanov
Michael WashamMichael WashamMichael WashamMichael WashamMichael WashamMichael Washam
Michal Moskal Michal MoskalMichal MoskalMichal Moskal
Mike Downey Mike DowneyMike Downey Mike Downey
Mike Hosteler
Mike Mastrangelo Mike MastrangeloMike MastrangeloMike MastrangeloMike Mastrangelo
Mike O’Malley Mike O
Mingfei YanMingfei YanMingfei YanMingfei YanMingfei YanMingfei Yan
Mitsuru Saito Mitsuru Saito
Montaque Hou
Nar Ganapathy Nar Ganapathy
Nathan TottenNathan Totten Nathan TottenNathan TottenNathan Totten
Neil Black Neil Black
Nick HarrisNick HarrisNick HarrisNick HarrisNick Harris
Niklas Gustafsson Niklas Gustafsson
Noel Anderson Noel Anderson
Oren NachmanOren NachmanOren NachmanOren NachmanOren Nachman
Orville McDonaldOrville McDonaldOrville McDonaldOrville McDonaldOrville McDonaldOrville McDonaldOrville McDonald
Osama Sajid Osama SajidOsama Sajid
Paul Sliwowicz Paul Sliwowicz
Paul YuknewiczPaul YuknewiczPaul Yuknewicz Paul Yuknewicz
Pete BrownPete BrownPete BrownPete BrownPete BrownPete BrownPete Brown
Pete Fransen
Peter Smith
Peter Tang
Peter TorrPeter TorrPeter Torr
Peter WielandPeter WielandPeter Wieland Peter WielandPeter Wieland
Phil NapieralskiPhil NapieralskiPhil Napieralski Phil Napieralski
Poorna Gaddehosur Poorna Gaddehosur
Raghu Gatta Raghu GattaRaghu Gatta
Rey BangoRey BangoRey BangoRey BangoRey Bango Rey Bango
Rich KilmerRich KilmerRich KilmerRich Kilmer Rich Kilmer
Richard Fricks Richard Fricks
Rick Xu Rick Xu
Rob Howard Rob Howard
Rob RelyeaRob RelyeaRob RelyeaRob RelyeaRob RelyeaRob Relyea
Robert GreenRobert GreenRobert GreenRobert GreenRobert Green
Roger Woods
Rolando Jimenez Salgado
Rong Lu Rong Lu
Ross Odwyer
Rowan MillerRowan MillerRowan Miller Rowan Miller
Sam George Sam George
Santhosh Panchapagesam
Saral Shodhan Saral ShodhanSaral Shodhan
Saurabh Bhatia Saurabh Bhatia
Scott DensmoreScott DensmoreScott DensmoreScott DensmoreScott Densmore
Scott GuthrieScott GuthrieScott GuthrieScott GuthrieScott Guthrie
Scott HanselmanScott HanselmanScott HanselmanScott HanselmanScott HanselmanScott HanselmanScott Hanselman
Sean McKenna
Shai Hinitz Shai Hinitz
Shanmugam Kulandaivel Shanmugam KulandaivelShanmugam Kulandaivel
Shawn Henry Shawn Henry
Shawn OsterShawn OsterShawn OsterShawn OsterShawn Oster
Shelly GuoShelly GuoShelly Guo Shelly Guo
Simon DaviesSimon DaviesSimon DaviesSimon DaviesSimon Davies
Stefan WickStefan WickStefan Wick Stefan Wick
Steve Robbins
Steve Schalek Steve Schalek
Subramanian Ramaswamy Subramanian Ramaswamy
Suhail Khalid Suhail KhalidSuhail Khalid
Tarek Madkour Tarek MadkourTarek Madkour
Terry Adams Terry Adams
Thomas Fennel Thomas FennelThomas Fennel
Thomas Mechelke Thomas MechelkeThomas MechelkeThomas Mechelke
Tim Laverty Tim LavertyTim Laverty
Todd Brix Todd BrixTodd Brix
Todd Landstad Todd LandstadTodd Landstad
Tyler Furtwangler
Tyson MatanichTyson MatanichTyson MatanichTyson MatanichTyson Matanich
Vittorio BertocciVittorio BertocciVittorio BertocciVittorio BertocciVittorio Bertocci
Will TschumyWill TschumyWill TschumyWill TschumyWill Tschumy
Wojtek KozaczynskiWojtek KozaczynskiWojtek Kozaczynski Wojtek Kozaczynski
Yatharth Gupta Yatharth GuptaYatharth Gupta
Yochay KiriatyYochay KiriatyYochay KiriatyYochay KiriatyYochay Kiriaty
Zac Woodall Zac Woodall
Zachary PinterZachary PinterZachary PinterZachary PinterZachary PinterZachary Pinter