How to Remote Desktop into Raspberry Pi with RealVNC

With the Stretch release, Raspbian now comes with RealVNC, here’s how to get it setup.

1. Download Raspbian Stretch
2. Burn Raspbian to SD Card with Etcher or Win32 Disk Imager
3. Insert SD Card into Pi, connect keyboard and monitor to Pi, power up Pi.
4. Open Preferences -> Raspberry Pi Configuration. Select Interfaces Tab. Selected “Enabled” next to VNC. Click OK

5. Open Terminal. Enter the following to get the Pi IP Address


6. In Terminal. Enter the following to install RealVnc

sudo apt-get install realvnc*

7. On Desktop, download and install VNC Viewer
8. Launch VNC Viewer. Enter Pi IP address you found earlier. Hit Enter.

See this post for instructions on change your Pis hostname so you can access via name instead of IP.

9. Enter default credentials or custom credentials if you reset them.

Username: pi
Password: raspberry

10. Click OK.

You will now be connected to your Pi.