Solution to Windows Live Writer's automatic and incorrect image resizing when pasted from the clipboard

Images appear blurry (or distorted) when you copy them into Windows Live Writer from the clipboard. See this screen capture (using Win+S) of my new mouse. Notice how the words are slightly blurred in the image on the right. I’m going to show you how to fix that.

![](]( ![](](
1\. Get an image on your clipboard by selecting Copy from context menu in Windows Explorer or by using Win+S. 2\. Paste the image into Windows Live Writer. Ctrl+V 3\. Selected the image by clicking on it 4\. Click on Picture Tools in the Windows Live Writer toolbar 5\. Open the "Size" dropdown. It probably says "Original" already. 6\. Select the "Original" option (even though it already appears selected)

7. Your image should now appear in its original size and not distorted or blurred

You can stop reading now if you just want to know how to fix the issue…continue reading if you want to see more details about why this happens.

I put the following image which is 292x211 on disk into my clipboard and pasted it into Windows Live Writer and this is what I get when I paste it into Windows Live Writer.

By looking at the source, you can see that for some reason Windows Live Writer sets the image attributes to 244x177.

<img src="$image_thumb[12].png" width=“244” height=“177”>
That will obviously distort the image when it is rendered.

When I click on the original button for that image the image looks better and the dimensions are better, but still not 100% accurate. It should be 292x211, but instead it is 296x215. I assume that it is accounting for the drop shadow in the dimensions.

<img src="$Untitled picture_thumb[7].png" width=“296” height=“215”>
Untitled picture

But, as you can see in the screen shot below, the image dimensions that appear when you select the image are correct, 292x211.