aspConf 2012 Speaker Blogs and Twitter accounts: An OPML file for bulk blog feed subscription and a Twitter list for easy Following

There are a lot of great devs speaking at aspConf 2012 and most of them have great blogs and twitter feeds. I want the dev community (including myself) to follow these speakers and continue to learn from their posts and tweets. Following all those speakers isn’t easy. This post solves that.

<technical>The aspConf speaker page has the name, twitter and description of the speakers, but doesn’t have links to their blogs or their blog’s feed. It would be awesome if the aspConf site provided an easy way for people to follow all the speakers and subscribe to all the blogs, but it doesn’t. So I whipped up a app that executes a Bing search for “[speaker name] blog” (using the new Azure Marketplace endpoint), grabbed the first url, did a sanity check, found the feed url and then aggregated it all up so you can easily digest it. I also wrote another app, using Twitterizer (which was really easy btw), that adds all the speaker twitter handles to a new twitter list I created. </technical>

There are now two ways you can now easily connect with the speakers:

Speaker Blog OPML for bulk blog feed import

I created an aspConf2012SpeakerBlogs.xml OPML file that contains all the feed urls from all the speaker blogs. If you aren’t familiar with OPML, it is an xml file that contains feed urls. You can easily import an OPML file into your feed reader and subscribe to all the feeds in bulk. If you don’t know how to do this then just search for “OPML import [feed reader name]” (replace [feed reader name] with the feed reader you use). If you can’t find out how to do this then ping me and I’ll try to help you out.

Speaker Twitter List for bulk following

[twitter-bird-blue-on-whiteI also created an twitter list and added all the aspConf 2012 speakers to it. To follow all the speakers, just load up the list and click the “Follow” button 48 times. I couldn’t find an easy way to Follow them all in bulk…according to Tweepi it is against Twitter policy to do so

The complete speaker list with links to blog, feed and twitter is below. LMK if you see anything that is incorrect.

Hopefully this helps you out and saves you some time.


Name Bio Blog Feed Twitter
Amir Barylko Amir Barylko started his career in 1994 working for IBM as a senior developer while he was finishing his Masters degree in computer science. Since then he worked as team leader and architect for the past 15 years. Having started with languages like C++ and Java he spent many years coding in C# and training other developers in topics such domain modeling, abstractions, patterns, automation, dependency injection, testing, etc. Being an incurable geek, always thirsty for knowledge, his passion for technology moved him towards Ruby on Rails a few years ago, becoming an advocate of RoR web development. Also following he's teaching passion he did his first RoR training a year ago, and recently a TDD training with great reviews. Amir is a rare combination of high technical skills, lots of experience in a wide range of platforms, exceptional presentation skills and great sense of humor. His presentations are always rich in content and fun to attend. [Blog]( [Feed]( [@abarylko](
Andrew Steele Andrew holds a Bachelors and Masters of Business Administration from the University of New Mexico and a Masters of Science in Software Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University. He primarily develops software in C#, but also has experience with Java, Ruby on Rails, Python, and JavaScript. He has developed and deployed many enterprise applications for Sandia National Laboratories. In 2011, he worked with Google and NASA to develop a mobile application for disaster responders. He is an advocate for agile software development practices and is a .NET evangelist at Sandia. He has organized several software development communities. Both developers and managers seek out his perspective on software development. [Blog]( [Feed]( [@ahsteele](
Anthony van der Hoorn Anthony, is a co-founder of Glimpse, and spent the last 2 years living and working New York City, and is now back has home town of Brisbane. During that time he worked in the Financial Services sector developing high frequency trading systems. In his spare time, Anthony can be caught out and about taking photos, speaking at conferences, and working on other Open Source projects. [Blog]( [Feed]( [@anthony_vdh](
Ashic Mahtab Ashic is a .NET consultant based in London. His experience ranges from real time fault monitoring systems to working for Her Majesty at Parliamentary ICT. When not messing about with code, he can be found moderating or having a rant on twitter. He is passionate about software design, messaging, DDD, CQRS, Event Sourcing and almost anything to do with software, and often blabbers about those things at various user groups and conferences. He is an ASP.NET MVP since 2009. [Blog]( [Feed]( [@ashic](
Brady Gaster Brady Gaster is a Windows Azure Technical Evangelist with Microsoft, and is the host of the Web Camps TV show on Channel 9\. Brady's core competencies include middleware development, TDD, service orientation, continuous integration setup and maintenance, and most recently finds himself diving deeper into Windows Azure, SignalR, Fluent programming principles, aspect-oriented programming, robotics, and Behavior Driven Development. Follow Brady on his blog at or on Twitter at @bradygaster. [Blog]( [Feed]( [@bradygaster](
Chander Dhall Chander Dhall is a Microsoft MVP, professional software architect/lead developer, trainer, INETA speaker, open source contributor, community leader and organizer with years of experience in enterprise Software Development. He works in a goal oriented, technologically driven, fast paced AGILE (SCRUM) environment. He is the founder of Dallas day of dot net. He has a Master's Degree in computer science with specialization in algorithms, principles and patterns and is focused on building high performing modular software. Chander leads the UT Dallas .NET user group. Chander recently got recognized as "One of the top organizers by Eventbrite. Chander has been a featured speaker in numerous conferences and code camps all over the world. He has been instrumental in mentoring and training several professionals and students. [Blog]( [Feed]( [@csdhall](
Chris Bannon Chris Bannon is familiar with many acronyms: UX, ASP.NET, AJAX, C#, SQL & jQuery. As the Lead Web Developer at ComponentOne, he has mastered techniques such as CSS layout, unobtrusive JavaScript, semantic markup, and graceful degradation. Chris manages ComponentOne's product lines for Wijmo, ASP.NET and iPhone Web development. He spends most of his time building or using the web and it is his passion. When he isn't at a computer you can find him spending time with his family, trying to golf, or pretending that he can still play ice hockey. [Blog]( [Feed]( [@b4nn0n](
Chris Love Chris has nearly 20 years, yes that's right, of web development experience. He has built a wide variety of web sites and applications in those years. In the past couple of years he has begun to immerse himself in the mobile web application space. This is giving him some amazing experiences using cloud technologies, HTML5 and all the major mobile platforms. Currently he is focusing on solving the problems many enterprises are having adopting a winning mobility strategy as Tellago's Chief Mobility Officer. He has authored 2 books, working a new Mobile Web App book and is a 5 time ASP.NET MVP. Chris regularly speaks at user groups, code camps and other developer events. [Blog]( [Feed]( [@ChrisLove](
Christian Horsdal Christian is a Lead Software Architect with Mjølner Informatics, where he works with clients as an architect, consultant and developer. Through his work with clients Christian has gained extensive experience in architecting and implementing real solutions to real problems, based on the business, the functional and the non-functional requirements. Christian is an expert .NET architect and developer who mixes and matches commercial, open source, and tailor made components in a quest to create simple and lean solutions that allows for quick and agile development. [Blog]( [Feed]( [@chr_horsdal](
Damian Edwards Damian Edwards is a Program Manager at Microsoft on the ASP.NET team who looks after the core of ASP.NET (the bits that ship in .NET), and the Web Forms framework built on top of it. I'm also the creator of the Web Forms MVP ( and SignalR ( open source projects. [Blog]( [Feed]( [@damianedwards](
Dan Maharry Dan is editor for the tech site DeveloperFusion. He's an experienced technical author with over a dozen books to his name and many more as technical reviewer and editor for a variety of publishers including Wrox, Apress, Microsoft Press and O'Reilly Associates. [Blog]( [Feed]( [@hmobius](
Daniel Roth Daniel Roth is a Senior Program Manager on the Windows Azure application platform team currently working on ASP.NET Web API, a new framework for building HTTP services that can reach a broad range of clients including browsers and mobile devices. Prior to working on ASP.NET he worked on WCF starting when it first shipped in .NET 3.0. [Blog]( [@danroth27](
David Giard David Giard has been developing solutions using Microsoft technologies since 1993\. He is a Microsoft MVP; a member of the INETA Board of Directors; and a past President of the Great Lakes Area .Net User Group. David has presented at many of the conferences and user groups around the Midwest. He is a recovering certification addict and holds an MCTS, MCSD, MCSE, and MCDBA, as well as a BS and an MBA. He is the host and producer of the mildly popular online TV show Technology and Friends. He is the co-author of the Wrox book Real World .NET, C#, and Silverlight. You can read his latest thoughts at David lives in Michigan with his two teenage sons. [Blog]( [Feed]( [@DavidGiard](
David Hoerster David Hoerster, a C# MVP, is a recovering corporate financial analyst and has been working with the Microsoft .NET Framework since the early 1.0 betas. He is the co-founder of BrainCredits (, a recent start-up that is hoping to change the way people learn on the web. David is the co-chair of the Pittsburgh .NET User's Group (PGHDOTNET), organizer of Pittsburgh TechFest 2012, several recent Pittsburgh Code Camps and is also an occasional speaker at Pittsburgh and regional user group and code camp events. David can be found rarely blogging at and also is an occasional Tweeter (DavidHoerster). [Blog]( [Feed]( [@DavidHoerster](
David Neal David is a father, geek, musician, and software developer living in the Nashville, TN area. David currently serves as the President of the Nashville .NET User Group. He is the Director of Development for Cell Journalist, an online social media service provider for TV stations, newspapers, and radio. Prior to joining Cell Journalist, David was a senior software engineer for Telligent, the premier social networking platform for .NET that powers some of the largest online communities, such as Microsoft's ASP.NET Forum, MSDN Blogs, Dell, and Game Informer. David is passionate about software craftsmanship, user experience, music, and bacon. [Blog]( [Feed]( [@reverentgeek](
David Vujic David is a highly committed person with enthusiasm and technical expertise. He has been developing software since the year of 2000, mainly focusing on the .NET platform and Web Development. David is passionate about educating and helping people get up and running with tools like Scrum and Test Driven Development. [Blog]( [Feed]( [@davidvujic](
Elijah Manor Elijah Manor is a Christian and a family man. He develops at appendTo as a Senior Architect and Trainer providing corporate jQuery support, training, and consulting. He is a Microsoft Regional Director and ASP.NET MVP, ASPInsider and specializes in front-end web development. He enjoys speaking and blogging about the things he learns. He is also very active on Twitter (elijahmanor) [Blog]( [Feed]( [@elijahmanor](
Ely Lucas Ely Lucas - Aspenware Ely Lucas is a Web Application Developer for Aspenware Internet Solutions, and is a Microsoft MVP for ASP.Net. He digs web and mobile technologies, and utilizes ASP.Net, C#, HTML5, JavaScript, ObjectiveC, and Java to build them. He believes that the product of creating something amazing happens when working with great people on interesting problems. He likes participating in the local developer community in the Denver/Boulder area, where he speaks at and runs several groups. When not developing awesome software, he enjoys exercise, mountain biking, photography, and hanging out with his wife and son in Westminster, CO. You can follow him on twitter elylucas, or read his blog at [Blog]( [Feed]( [@elylucas](
Gil Fink Gil Fink, Microsoft MVP, is an expert in Web development and Microsoft data platform. He works as a senior architect at Sela Group. He's currently consulting for various enterprises and companies, where he architects and develops Web and RIA-based solutions. He conducts lectures and workshops for developers and enterprises who want to specialize in infrastructure and Web development. He is also a co-author of Microsoft Official HTML5 Course and the author of story.js library - You can read his publications at his blog: [Blog]( [Feed]( [@gilfink](
Guy Smith-Ferrier Guy is an MVP in ASP.NET. He is the author of ".NET Internationalization" published by Addison-Wesley ( He is a Microsoft Certified Professional developer, author, trainer and speaker, has spoken at many European and US conferences and is an INETA Speaker. He runs The .NET Developer Network (, a free .NET user group in the South West of England. He co-organises DDD South West (, a free one day technical event in the South West of England. He has written over 50 articles for numerous magazines and has co-authored an application development book. You can read his blog at and catch him on Twitter at GuySmithFerrier. [Blog]( [Feed]( [@GuySmithFerrier](
Howard Dierking Howard Dierking is a Program Manager on the Web Platform and Tools team at Microsoft where his current focus is on all things Web. Previously, Howard served as the Editor-in-Chief for MSDN Magazine, and also ran the developer certification program for Microsoft Learning. He spent the 10 years prior to Microsoft as a developer and application architect with a focus on distributed systems. [Blog]( [Feed]( [@howard_dierking](
Igor Moochnick Igor has been building enterprise cross-platform and cross-technology distributed systems for more than 20 years. He is passionate about all the technologies and methodologies that can enable applications to scale seamlessly, to process large amounts of data, and to serve more users. Now, with cloud technologies becoming widely available and with advances in the virtualization space, he is using his expertise to help BlueMetal Architects' clients modernize their applications and infrastructure, and scale them in private and public clouds. As a hands-on architect, Igor works with clients to improve their development processes and to increase the effectiveness of their teams through the adoption of the Agile practices. In his spare time he geeks out on Big Data and Robotics, and is a frequent speaker and supporter at multiple code camps and events in the New England user group community. [Blog]( [Feed]( [@igor_moochnick](
Jim Counts Just a .NET CodeMonkey living and working in San Diego County for about 10 years. Often working alone, I've developed a keen interest in automatically testing everything I can as a hedge against my inevitable programming gaffes. [Blog]( [Feed]( [@jamesrcounts](
John V. Petersen John Petersen has been developing software for over 20 years. It all started when, as a staff accountant, he was asked to get involved in a system upgrade to replace an old IBM Series 1 computer (about the size of a large refrigerator!). Those first programs were written in Clipper, summer 87\. Since that time, tools included dBase, FoxBase, Visual FoxPro and Visual Basic. An early adopter of .NET, he then decided to go to law school. After practicing law for a few years, John realized that technology was a lot more interesting than the law. Today, John focuses on ASP.NET development and is having more fun than ever solving for clients. John is the Microsoft Practice Director for CEI America, a Pittsburgh, PA based consulting firm. A 9 time recipient of Microsoft's Most Valuable Professional Award, John is a current ASP.NET/IIS MVP. John is also an ASP Insider and is the INETA Mentor for PA and WV. John is the author of several books and is a frequent contributor to Code Magazine and DevConnections Magazines. John holds a BS in Business Administration from Mansfield University, an MBA in Information Systems from St. Joseph's University and a JD from the Rutgers School of Law – Camden. [Blog]( [Feed]( [@johnvpetersen](
John West John West is an independent technology consultant who helps customers use technology to improve their business. He's written articles for MCP Magazine and co-authored books on subjects like Windows 98, Window Server, Using Databases with C# and WebMatrix. He'll try not to bore you *too* much. [Blog]( [@johnwest72](
Jon Galloway Jon works at Microsoft as a Technical Evangelist focused on ASP.NET MVC. He's co-author of Wrox Professional MVC 3, wrote the MVC Music Store tutorial, and has helped organize previous mvcConf events. He's part of the Herding Code podcast ( [Blog]( [Feed]( [@jongalloway](
Keith Burnell Keith Burnell is a Senior Software Engineer with Skyline Technologies and president of the Fox Valley .Net User Group. Keith has been developing software for over 15 years specializing in large scale ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC web site architecture and development as well as teaching and mentoring clients on the benefits of test-driven development. Keith is an active member of the .Net community who speaks regularly at local and regional user groups and developer events as well as at national conferences. He is an avid blogger and writer and has been featured multiple times in MSDN magazine. Keith has two wonderful daughters and is married to his high school sweetheart who is still way out of his league! When not slinging code, Keith enjoys spending time with his family, karate, golf, and woodworking. Keith can be found on his Blog, Twitter, and GitHub. [Blog]( [Feed]( [@keburnell](
Maarten Balliauw Maarten Balliauw is a technical consultant in web technologies at RealDolmen, one of Belgium's biggest ICT companies. His interests are ASP.NET (MVC), PHP and Windows Azure. He's a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for Windows Azure and an ASPInsider. He has published many articles in both PHP and .NET literature such as MSDN magazine and PHP architect. Maarten is a frequent speaker at various national and international events such as MIX (Las Vegas), TechDays, DPC, ... His blog can be found at [Blog]( [Feed]( [@maartenballiauw](
Mads Kristensen Program Manager for Microsoft Web Platform & Tools and founder of BlogEngine.NET. [Blog]( [Feed]( [@mkristensen](
Mark Rendle I'm a freelance consultant, specialising in Microsoft's Windows Azure cloud computing platform, and also qualified to help with all aspects of quality software development from people and processes, through architecture and design, to code quality and optimisation. In my spare time, I work on the Simple.Data not-an-ORM project, the Simple.Web framework, and a book on Windows 8 Metro app development. That's when I'm not just geeking out learning new programming languages and frameworks; 2012 is the year of learning JavaScript properly, partly through working with Node.js. Oh, and probably sharpening up my C++ skills. [Blog]( [Feed]( [@markrendle](
Matt Honeycutt Matt Honeycutt is a software architect specializing in ASP.NET. He has over a decade of experience in building web applications and is a founding member of The Lazy Developer Group. He's an avid practitioner of Test-Driven Development, creating both the SpecsFor and SpecsFor.Mvc frameworks. As life-long learner, Matt remains dedicated to expanding his knowledge of all things related to development. He holds a Masters of Science in Computer Science. When he's not busy cranking out code, Matt enjoys helping others hone their development skills. [Blog]( [Feed]( [@matthoneycutt](
Matthew Kane Matthew Kane is a senior architect at Bank of America, designing and developing a proprietary internally-facing web application using both WinForms and MVC. Previously he worked on web authoring tools at Adobe Systems. [@matthewkane](
Matthew Osborn I am a SDE on the ASP.NET team and work on MVC, WebPages, & NuGet. [Blog]( [Feed]( [@osbornm](
Mitch Denny My name is Mitch Denny. I am a farther, husband, a Visual Studio MVP, and an ASPInsider. For the last 10 years I have been working with the Microsoft platform helping organisations leverage the benefits that it has to offer. My interests include Application Lifecycle Management, the Microsoft web stack, and the Windows and Windows Phone platforms. [Blog]( [Feed]( [@MitchDenny](
Mohit Srivastava Principal Program Manager Lead, Microsoft Windows Azure (Cloud Computing) [Blog]( [Feed](feed: [@mohit](
Nik Molnar Nik, is a co-founder of Glimpse, living in New York City. He has worked on projects from London to Dubai to Poland. Originally from Florida, Nik specialised in the web, building scalable, yet client centric solutions. In his spare time, Nik can found in the kitchen cooking up a storm, speaking at conferences, and working on other Open Source projects. [Blog]( [Feed]( [@nikmd23](
Robert Boedigheimer Robert Boedigheimer works for Schwans Shared Services, LLC providing business solutions with web technologies and leads Robert Boedigheimer Consulting, LLC. Robert has been designing and developing web sites for the past 17 years including the early days of ASP and ASP.NET. He is a columnist for, a Pluralsight Author, an ASP.NET MVP, an author, and a 3rd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Robert has spoken at industry conferences including VSLive, Heartland Developers Conference, DevLink, DevTeach, Tulsa Tech Fest, DevWeek, DevReach, SDC, TechEd, DevConnections, AJAXWorld, and numerous national and international events. [Blog]( [Feed]( [@boedie](
Roberto Hernandez Currently a Managing Consultant for Excella and a Microsoft C# MVP. I have been designing and writing software solutions using Microsoft technology for the past 12 years. I am originally from the Dominican Republic, and the proud father of two beautiful daughters that make my life special. [Blog]( [Feed]( [@hernandezrobert](
Roberto Vespa My name is Roberto Vespa (aka: wasp), I was born in 1968 in Italy, where I've been working in Information Technology area since 1995, consulting on several different projects and for many customers. Since one year I'm working in Switzerland, and lately I've been dedicating time trying to understand better what open source is and how to contribute. [Blog]( [@wasp_twit](
Ryan Riley Ryan Riley loves the web and functional programming and looks for any opportunity to explore these two ideas together. He also enjoys playing the banjo and medieval martial arts but hasn't found a way to integrate those into his other hobbies. He lives in Manvel, TX with his wife Julie and daughters Katelyn and (soon) Ellyana. [@panesofglass](
Scott Guthrie Scott Guthrie lives in Seattle and builds a few products for Microsoft [Blog]( [Feed]( [@scottgu](
Scott Hanselman Scott Hanselman is a former professor, former Chief Architect in finance, now speaker, consultant, father, diabetic, and Microsoft employee. I am a failed stand-up comic, a cornrower, and a book author. [Blog]( [Feed]( [@shanselman](
Scott Hunter Program Manager at Microsoft on web technologies such as Azure, ASP.NET, MVC, Web API, Entity Framework, NuGet and more... [Blog]( [Feed]( [@coolcsh](
Shawn Wildermuth Shawn Wildermuth is a nine-time Microsoft MVP (Data), member of the INETA Speaker's Bureau and an author of seven books and dozens of articles on software development. Shawn is involved with Microsoft as a Silverlight Insider, Data Insider and ASP.NET Insider. He has been seen speaking at a variety of international conferences including TechEd, Oredev, SDC, VSLive, WinDev, MIX, DevTeach, DevConnections and DevReach. He is one of the Wilder Minds at He can also be reached via his blog at [Blog]( [Feed]( [@shawnwildermuth](
Shay Friedman Shay Friedman is a Visual C# MVP and the author of IronRuby Unleashed. With more than 10 years of experience in the software industry, Friedman now works at CodeValue, a company he has co–founded, where he creates products for developers, consults and conducts courses around the world mainly about web development and cloud computing. He has spoken in multiple international conferences like TechEd, NDC, CodeMash, SDC, DevWeek, mvcConf and more. You can visit his blog at [Blog]( [Feed]( [@ironshay](
Steve Smith Steve is a software developer with a passion for building quality software as effectively as possible. He's also EVP, Enterprise Services for Telerik. He's a Microsoft Regional Director and MVP, a frequent speaker at developer conferences, an author, and a trainer. In the past he's co-founded and sold Lake Quincy Media and NimblePros (recently acquired by Telerik). Steve's an ex-Army Engineer officer and Iraq veteran who enjoys playing games and spending time outdoors. [Blog]( [Feed]( [@ardalis](
Tiberiu Covaci Before moving to Bermuda in 2011, Tiberiu worked at Many-core in Sweden as senior trainer and mentor for .NET and other technologies built on top of .NET. He works closely with Microsoft, both as Author and Technology Reviewer for the Microsoft .NET Official Curriculum courses. He is a member of the INETA Speaker Bureau, Telerik Insider, ASP Insider, IASA Speaker Bureau, and INETA Country Lead for Sweden. He is interested in technologies like multi-core programming, ASP.NET, new programming languages and paradigms. Whenever he gets the time, he blogs at For his contributions in the area of Technical Computing he was awarded MVP title by Microsoft and Telerik. [Blog]( [Feed]( [@tibor19](
Troels Thomsen Troels Thomsen is co-founder of AppHarbor, a .NET platform as a Service. He presented at aspConf last year and has presented at a host of other conferences including DevSum and Oeredev. [@troethom](