Solution to FeedBurner being out of sync with feed, FeedBurner Ping Service

By default FeedBurner refreshes your feed about every 30 minutes, so if you change anything about your posts (title, content, etc) FeedBurner won’t immediately reflect that change.

I use my technique for generating SEO friendly Blogger URLs, where I publish the post with a short title, 39 character or less, and then republish with the long title.

The problem is that FeedBurner automatically picks up the post with the short title, which is how it will appear in RSS readers, and doesn’t refresh the feed with the long title for another 30 minutes.

After I publish my post for the second time with the long title I use the Feed Burner Ping Service to refresh my FeedBurner feed.

It is pretty annoying that I have to do this for every new post, so instead of going to this page and entering my url every time, I created a shortcut and added it to my favorites bar.

Using Fiddler I discover the actual URL that the FeedBurner Ping form is posting to:

The full URL is:

To generate this link for your blog, just replace the bloglink querystring parameter with your blog:


Then just use that link to create your browser favorites bar shortcut.