MSN is hiring MVC, Razor, C#, jQuery, HTML, CSS web devs

I lead the Tools dev team for Bedrock, the CMS system that runs We are rebuilding the entire app one piece at a time in jQuery and MVC4 and need your help. We ship every other week. We do gated check-ins and continuous integration. We use Resharper, Chutzpah, Unity, AutoMapper, jQuery, CodeContracts, Razor, moq, jQuery plug-ins and anything else that will increase productivity and help us ship. We take code quality seriously and have fun. Just don’t break the build :)

Apply Here, then find me on LinkedIn or contact me through this blog to let me know you applied (that will help speed up the process).

Here’s the official job description

MSN is one of the largest websites in the world with 470M unique users a month and 650M page views per day. But the applications behind the scenes that content editors use every day need a lot of work. That’s where you come in. MSN is making a huge investment in becoming a turnaround story and we need talented web devs who care about the customer and quality to help us make that happen.

Our plan is simple. Develop one state of the art web app that delivers all the functionality an editor needs. We’re talking MVC3 with Razor views, jQuery, HTML5 & CSS3. Yeah, we have to deal with the existing apps while we build out the dream app, but we are being smart about it by re-engineering things as we go.

We are a very high energy team in a collaborative open space environment in Lincoln Square. We ship once a month and plan in 3 month chunks. The whole team is fairly new to MSN and we are taking a fresh look at everything, so now is a great time to join. We work smart and hard and have a great time doing it. Monthly morale events, weekly team lunches, Kinect competitions and regular Ping Pong matches is our M.O.

Our team is a great fit if you like to ship often, love quality and listen to the customer.

A couple of challenges that you can come help us solve are removing all the Windows dependencies so we can enable Mac, Safari and iPad users, enabling ADFS so we can authenticate with LiveId and Windows Authentication over the internet, consolidating our existing four Feed management apps into one, implementing true WYSIWYG editing, the list goes on and on. > **Ideal Candidate


· Team player. Successes of the team must be more important than personal successes.

· Ability to solve complex problems with simple solutions.

· Empathic to customers and end user needs

· Advocate for and experience with agile development

· Quality driven. Test, test, test. Unit, TDD. Must live and breathe quality

· Versed in pattern based development

· Content Management System (CMS) experience. > Basic Requirements

· 4+ years relevant web development experience

· Must demonstrate strong skill in C#, VB, Java or C++

· Experience with a combination of the following web technologies: ASP.NET, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, MVC, JQuery, AJAX