Microsoftie Perk #7 - Internal Library

The is a post in a blog series I’m writing called "Microsoftie Perks"

Microsoft has an amazing technical library and an internal website to go with it. There’s also a very slick logistical system behind it that allows me to request a book via the website and have it sent to the lobby of my building. That is pretty amazing considering there are hundreds of buildings and thousands of employees that request books all the time. When I’m done with the book, I just drop it off in my building’s mail room. I have probably requested hundreds of books and DVDs over the years and am extremely happy with the service.

If the internal library doesn’t have a book I need I can request that they purchase it thru the website. If approved, I’m automatically the first one on the waiting list and usually get the book a couple of days later. I’ve put in many requests over the years and only a handful have been denied because the electronic version was already available.

Microsoft also teamed up with a digital book service that allows us to read almost any technical book from any computer or phone.

There are a ton of other resources as well like free subscriptions to Cutter, Economist, Forbes, Fortune, Harvard Business Review, Wall Street Journal and a ton more.

This Microsoftie perk is probably the one I’ve used the most over the years. It has almost every book I’ve ever wanted and if they don’t have it they can order it for me. When not coding all devs should be reading. Other than lack of time, there is no reason why every Microsoftie, especially devs, shouldn’t be utilizing this awesome perk!