Unstar All Google Reader™ Starred Items with my new Chrome™ Extension

I’m an avid Google Reader user. I star and unstar items a lot and sometimes my starred items pile up. I wrote a few lines of JavaScript to unstar all items in bulk and blogged about it back in June. Rather than get a good night sleep tonight I decided wrap that JavaScript into a Chrome Extension, which you can download from the Chrome Web Store


Most people who will find this post are in desperate need of help because they just spent the last 30 seconds clicking about 20 stars and realized that it’s going to take them hours if not days to unstar the rest of their starred items.

The extension is really simple. It just adds a star to your extension bar. You load your starred items and click the star.

(Screenshot of starred items)

The script will loop through all the items currently loaded into the page and toggle the star. So this extension also useful to if you want to star in bulk.

(Screenshot of empty starred items section after the “Unstar” button was clicked)

You can download the Chrome Extension here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/cpjmiliephgahdlmfdnnnhpciignoojd

I really hope this saves you some time. If so, then feel free to leave or comment or review it on the web store.