DevReach 2012 Speaker Blogs and Twitter Accounts

Here are the DevReach 2012 speaker blogs and Twitter accounts. Enjoy!


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You can easily follow all the DevReach 2012 speakers by going to the DevReach 2012 Speaker list page and clicking “Follow” next to the speakers that you want to follow.!/jongallant/devreach-2012-speakers/members


Alex Thissen[Blog]([Feed]([alexthissen](
Beth Massi[Blog]([Feed]([BethMassi](
Brandon Satrom[Blog]([Feed]([BrandonSatrom](
Brian H. Prince[Blog]([Feed]([brianhprince](
Brian Randell[Blog]([Feed]([brianrandell](
Brian Rinaldi[Blog]([Feed]([remotesynth](
Burke Holland[Blog]([Feed]([burkeholland](
Carl Franklin[Blog]([Feed]([carlfranklin](
Charles Nurse[Blog]([Feed]([cnurse](
Chris Sells[Blog]([Feed]([csells](
Dror Helper[Blog]([Feed]([dhelper](
Florian Ivan[florianivan](
Ido Flatow[Blog]([Feed]([IdoFlatow](
Iris Classon[Blog]([Feed]([IrisClasson](
Jesse Liberty[Blog]([Feed]([JesseLiberty](
Jim Holmes[Blog]([Feed]([aJimHolmes](
Joel Semeniuk[Blog]([Feed]([JoelSemeniuk](
Jon Flanders[Blog]([Feed]([jonflanders](
Kent Alstad[kentalstad](
Lino Tadros[Blog]([Feed]([linotadros](
Margarita Naumova[Blog]([Feed](
Martin Kulov[Blog]([Feed]([kulov](
Melania Danciu[Blog]([Feed]([melaniadanciu](
Michael Crump[Blog]([Feed]([mbcrump](
Miguel Castro[Blog]([Feed]([miguelcastro67](
Milena Pajic[milena_pajic](
Paul Carvalho[Blog]([Feed]([can_test](
Phil Japikse[Blog]([Feed]([skimedic](
Richard Campbell[Blog]([Feed]([richcampbell](
Robert Boedigheimer[Blog]([Feed]([boedie](
Ruslan Trifonov[Blog]([Feed]([xman892](
Ryan Shuttleworth[RyanAWS](
Sahil Malik[Blog]([Feed]([sahilmalik](
Sasha Goldshtein[Blog]([Feed]([goldshtn](
Shay Friedman[Blog]([Feed]([ironshay](
Stephen Forte[Blog]([Feed]([worksonmypc](
Steve Porter[stevevrporter](
Steve Smith[Blog]([Feed]([ardalis](
Taya Sibgatullina
Todd Anglin[Blog]([Feed]([toddanglin](
Vladimir Milev[Blog]([Feed]([vmilev](
Woody Pewitt[Blog]([Feed]([woodyp](