MADExpo 2012 Speaker Blogs and Twitter Accounts

Here are the MADExpo 2012 speaker blogs and Twitter accounts. Enjoy!


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You can easily follow all the MADExpo 2012 speakers by going to the MADExpo 2012 Speaker list page and clicking “Follow” next to the speakers that you want to follow.!/jongallant/madexpo-2012-speakers/members


Aaron Bedra[Blog]([Feed]([abedra](
Alfred Chiesa[Blog]([Feed]([alfredchiesa](
Andrew Culver[Blog]([Feed]([andrewculver](
Barry Dorrans[Blog]([Feed]([blowdart](
Brennan Dunn[Blog]([Feed]([brennandunn](
Brian Ashenfelter[bashen](
Brian Garraty[Blog]([Feed]([NULLgarity](
Brian Noyes[Blog]([Feed]([briannoyes](
Chris Eargle[Blog]([Feed]([KodefuGuru](
Chris Meadows
Christopher Atienza
Cory Lebson[Blog]([CoryLebson](
Dani Diaz[Blog]([Feed]([danidiaz](
Dave Isbitski[Blog]([Feed]([disbitski](
David Giard[Blog]([Feed]([DavidGiard](
David Makogon[Blog]([Feed]([dmakogon](
Dustin Stokes
Erik Olson
G. Andrew Duthie[Blog]([Feed]([devhammer](
Hugh P. Brien
Jared Faris[Blog]([Feed]([JaredTheNerd](
Jason Follas[Blog]([Feed]([jfollas](
Jay Harris[Blog]([Feed]([jayharris](
Jean Riescher Westcott
Jeff Muller[mullermedia](
Jessica M. Moss[Blog]([Feed]([jessicammoss](
Jim Christopher[Blog]([Feed]([beefarino](
Joe Hill[Blog]([Feed]([vintagejoehill](
Joe Natoli[Blog]([Feed]([joenatoli](
Joel Cochran[Blog]([Feed]([joelcochran](
John Brown
Justin Fidler[ameeriklane](
Kendall Miller[Blog]([Feed]([kendallmiller](
Kevin Jones[Blog]([Feed]([vcsjones](
Len Smith[Blog]([Feed]([ignu](
Leon Gersing[Blog]([rubybuddha](
Matt Ruma[Blog]([Feed]([mattruma](
Matt Wilbur
Russ Fustino[Blog]([Feed]([russtoolshed](
Sean M Westcott[Blog]([Feed]([basementhacker](
Shawn Grimes[Blog]([Feed]([shawng](
Steve Albers[Blog]([Feed]([SteveAlbers](
Steve Bohlen[Blog]([Feed]([sbohlen](
Steve Lott
Steve Michelotti[Blog]([Feed]([smichelotti](
Tim Ottinger[Blog]([Feed]([tottinge](
Will Robertson[Blog]([will_robertson](