Philly DotNet Code Camp 2012.1 Speaker Blogs and Twitter Accounts

Here are the Philly DotNet Code Camp 2012.1 speaker blogs and Twitter accounts. Enjoy!


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You can easily follow all the Philly DotNet Code Camp 2012.1 speakers by going to the Philly DotNet Code Camp 2012.1 Speaker list page and clicking “Follow” next to the speakers that you want to follow.!/jongallant/philly-code-camp-2012-1/members


Aaron Marisi[amarisi](
Adam Tuliper[Blog]([Feed]([AdamTuliper](
Al Nyveldt[Blog]([Feed]([RazorAnt](
Alvin Ashcraft[Blog]([Feed]([alvinashcraft](
Barry S. Stahl[Blog]([Feed]([bsstahl](
Bill Wolff[billjwolff](
Bob Bunson
Boulos Dib[Blog]([Feed]([boulosdib](
Brent Schooley[Blog]([Feed]([brentschooley](
Brian Lyttle[Blog]([Feed]([brianly](
Brian Minisi[Blog]([Feed]([brianminisi](
Chris Eargle[Blog]([Feed]([KodefuGuru](
Chris Gomez[Blog]([Feed](
Chris Love[Blog]([Feed]([ChrisLove](
Cleavon J. Blair
D. André Dhondt[adhondt](
Dane Morgridge[Blog]([Feed]([danemorgridge](
David Hoerster[Blog]([Feed]([DavidHoerster](
David Isbitski[Blog]([Feed]([thedavedev](
Derek Harmon
Devin Rader[Blog]([Feed]([devinrader](
Doug Finke[Blog]([Feed]([dfinke](
Douglas White
Dov Trietsch[Blog]([Feed]([coachcs](
Eric Kepes[Blog]([Feed]([ekepes](
Greg Hurlman[Blog]([Feed]([ghurlman](
Jason Follas[Blog]([Feed]([jfollas](
Jason Meckley[Blog]([Feed](
Jeffrey T. Fritz[Blog]([Feed]([csharpfritz](
Jeremy Jarrell[Blog]([Feed]([jeremyjarrell](
Jess Chadwick[Blog]([Feed]([jchadwick](
Joel Cochran[Blog]([Feed]([joelcochran](
John Franco
John V. Petersen[Blog]([Feed](
Joy Chakraborty
Ken Lovely
Len Smith[Blog]([Feed]([ignu](
Mark Kromer[Blog]([Feed]([mssqldude](
Mat Schaffer[Blog]([Feed]([matschaffer](
Matt Van Horn[Blog]([Feed](
Matt Vignau
Matthew Ammerman
Michael Eaton[Blog]([Feed]([mjeaton](
Michael M. Luckenbill[Blog]([Feed]([mlucken](
Michael 'Monty' Montgomery
Michael Mukalian[Blog]([Feed]([mmukalian](
Michael S. Collier[Blog]([Feed]([MichaelCollier](
Mike Diiorio[Blog]([Feed]([Mike_Diiorio](
Muhammad Shujaat Siddiqi[Blog]([Feed](
Nick Landry[Blog]([Feed]([ActiveNick](
Paul Betts[Blog]([Feed](
Paul J. Galvin[Blog]([Feed]([pagalvin](
Perry Neal[perryneal](
Pete Brown[Blog]([Feed]([Pete_Brown](
Peter Laudati[Blog]([Feed]([jrzyshr](
Pranav Sharma[Blog]([Feed]([epranav](
Prasad C Bapatla
Rachel Appel[Blog]([Feed]([RachelAppel](
Rajat Sen
Ravindra Okade
Rich Dudley
Rich Ross[Blog]([Feed]([rich_ross](
Rob Keiser
Roberto Hernández[Blog]([Feed]([hernandezrobert](
Saranyan Vigraham
Scott Kay
Steele Price[steeleprice](
Stephen Bohlen[Blog]([Feed]([sbohlen](
Stephen D. Ritchie[Blog]([Feed]([ruthlesshelp](
Stephen J . Bodnar[Blog]([Feed]([SteveBodnar](
Steve DiBello
Todd Snyder[Blog]([Feed]([ToddSnyder](
Tony Verguldi
Travis Laborde
Vijay Koneru