Ladies Who Code 2012 Speaker Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ & LinkedIn Accounts

Here are the Ladies Who Code 2012 speaker blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+ accounts. Enjoy!


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You can easily follow all the Ladies Who Code 2012 speakers by going to the Ladies Who Code 2012 Speaker list page and clicking “Follow” next to the speakers that you want to follow.!/jongallant/ladieswhocode-2012/members


Emma Persky[![Emma Persky](/images/blog/twitter.png)]([![Emma Persky](/images/blog/linkedin.png)]([![Emma Persky](/images/blog/facebook.png)](
Marianne Bellotti[![Marianne Bellotti](/images/blog/twitter.png)]([![Marianne Bellotti](/images/blog/facebook.png)](
Molly Holzschlag[![Molly Holzschlag](/images/blog/blogger.png)]([![Molly Holzschlag](/images/blog/rss.png)]([![Molly Holzschlag](/images/blog/twitter.png)]([![Molly Holzschlag](/images/blog/linkedin.png)]([![Molly Holzschlag](/images/blog/facebook.png)](
Rebecca Garcia[![Rebecca Garcia](/images/blog/blogger.png)]([![Rebecca Garcia](/images/blog/rss.png)]([![Rebecca Garcia](/images/blog/twitter.png)]([![Rebecca Garcia](/images/blog/linkedin.png)]([![Rebecca Garcia](/images/blog/facebook.png)](
Tracy Pesin[![Tracy Pesin](/images/blog/twitter.png)]([![Tracy Pesin](/images/blog/linkedin.png)]([![Tracy Pesin](/images/blog/googleplus.png)](
Vanessa Hurst[![Vanessa Hurst](/images/blog/blogger.png)]([![Vanessa Hurst](/images/blog/rss.png)]([![Vanessa Hurst](/images/blog/twitter.png)]([![Vanessa Hurst](/images/blog/linkedin.png)](