How to trade in your old Canon camera for a discounted refurbished one with the Canon Loyalty Program

Canon has a program called the “Customer Loyalty Program” that allows you to send in your broken Canon camera and get a refurbished camera at a discount. There’s nothing about it on the Canon website, but it sounded legit when I called.

Here’s how it works:

1. Call this number:866-443-8002, Hit Option 2

2. Wait on hold for a really long time…at least 15 minutes

3. Ask them what cameras are available for the Canon Loyalty Program. List as of 12/10/2014 is below

4. Purchase the camera at the price they quoted you.

5. Get camera.

6. Send them your broken camera. It can by any Canon branded camera.

Available cameras as of 12/10/2014

  • T3, 18-55 Kit $269.99
  • 60D Body $460.79, $431.99 until end of Decbemer
  • 7D Body $767.48
  • 6D Body $1367.28
  • 5D Mark III Body $2447.28