HueyPro by Pantone Doesn't Have a Windows 10 Driver

I got some new monitors and went to go run my monitor color calibrator – HueyPro by Pantone – and saw that they didn’t have a Windows 10 driver. I pinged them to see if they had one and got this response:

The HueyPRO was discontinued around 2011 so we are no longer providing any additional updates to the software.

I apologize for the inconvenience.

I then pinged my buddy Ron Martinsen ( to see if he got it working and this was his response:>

Haven’t tried as that software died long ago and the device doesn’t support displays > sRGB so it’s a dinosaur.

He also pointed me to this post:

It appears that I need to get a new monitor color calibrator.

Posting this now just in case someone else out there is looking for a Windows 10 driver for it. Now you know it doesn’t exist and HueyPro doesn’t support robust color profiles.

Hope this help.