How to Directly Connect to Azure IoT Hub's Underlying Event Hub

Here’s how to directly connect to the Event Hub that backs an IoT Hub.

New Way

As of 5/30/2017, you can now get the underlying Event Hub connection string by either the “Endpoints” blade or the “Operations Monitoring” blade.

Endpoints Blade

Click Endpoints

Click Events

Use “Event Hub-compatible endpoint”

Operations Monitoring Blade

Click Operations Monitoring
Use “Event Hub-compatible endpoint”

Old Way

Here’s the connection string template, copy this, then copy each highlighted part from each step below.

Endpoint=<Event Hub-compatible endpoint>;SharedAccessKeyName=iothubowner;SharedAccessKey=<iothubowner primary key>

1. Event Hub Compatible Endpoint

In the Azure Portal, go to your IoT Hub, Settings, Operations monitoring:


2. SharedAccessKeyName

Set to iothubowner or whatever user you want to use

3. SharedAccessKey

In the Azure Portal, go to IoT Hub, Settings, Shared access policies, select user and copy Primary Key