How to Install Raspbian on Raspberry Pi

The very first thing you are going to want to do when you get your Raspberry Pi is install an OS. You have a few options, including Raspbian, a Debian based OS.

Here’s how to get it installed.

  1. Purchase a MicroSD card - 16GB / Class 10
  2. Download Raspbian. Either Desktop or Lite.
  3. Install Etcher. To flash Raspbian to MicroSD card
  4. Open Etcher. Select Raspbian. Select the MicroSD card. Click Flash!

You may see a message indicating that the image cannot be verified. I’ve always ignore it and had no issues.

  1. Wait for about 20 minutes for it to complete the flash.
  2. Remove the MicroSD card from your desktop and insert it into your Pi.
  3. Power up your Pi. Make sure you use a 5V/2A power supply like this one.
  4. Login to Pi. Default username is pi and password is raspberry
  5. Update Raspbian

After you connect to the internet, make sure you update Raspbian so you have any security patches installed.

sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade -y

You now have Raspbian running on your Pi.