Raspberry Pi Setup - A Getting Started Guide for Raspberry Pi Development

Here are the steps I take to setup a Raspberry Pi for development:

  1. Get Raspberry Pi and Peripherals
  2. Install Raspbian - Flash Raspbian to a MicroSD card.
  3. Connect to Internet via Desktop or CLI
  4. Enable SSH - So you can execute Terminal commands from your main dev machine.
  5. Update Raspbian - To get all the latest packages.
    sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade -y
  6. Change Hostname - So you don’t have naming conflicts with other machines on your network.
  7. Change Password - So you don’t get hacked.
  8. Change Keyboard Layout - So your keyboard keys are layed out for your region.
  9. Expand File System - So you have space to install all the dependencies you’ll need later.
  10. Create File Share - This enables you to easily transfer files from your dev machine to the Pi.
  11. Setup Remote Desktop - If you want to remote desktop into your Pi from your dev machine.