Azure CLI: How to Supress Command Output


As of Azure CLI version 2.0.55 that was released on 01/15/2019, the --output param now supports none. So you can just use: az [command] --output none to suppress CLI output.

You can review the PR that implemented the none option here:

Original Post

By default, when you run an Azure CLI command, az [command], it will usually have an output…but sometimes you want to suppress the output.

There’s no way to tell the Azure CLI to suppress output - the --output param supports json,jsonc,table,tsv,yaml.

If you don’t want it to print any output, then you can use the following command…

** NEW **
az [command] --output none

** OLD **
az [command] --query "[?n]|[0]"

I’ve asked the CLI team to provide a -o none option and that request is being tracked here: