I'm Hiring Devs

This is my 20th year as a software engineer and 15th year at Microsoft. I started in 1999 and worked in startups for 5 years. I then spent the next 12 years at Microsoft shipping products and services for Bing, Power BI, IoT, MSN, MSDN, and Windows. 3 years ago I joined Commercial Software Engineering to get more hands-on experience coding directly with Azure customers and I still find it to be the most interesting, fun, challenging, and impactful work I’ve ever done. I’ve had the opportunity to code with some of the world’s largest automobile manufacturers and retailers - which has been very eye-opening for someone who spent most of their career heads-down shipping code. Because of my history in shipping software, I’ve been able to turn the challenges faced by our customers into software that has helped shaped the future of Azure.

I now have the opportunity to build a new dev team. This team will code with customers and build great software (see job description below for more details). I’m looking for mostly Senior and Principal developers, but have reserved a few openings for very high potential junior candidates.

If the job description below resonates with you, then please do the following:

  1. Apply to one of these positions: https://aka.ms/jongjobs
  2. Send me your resume here: https://jong.io/contact

Couple of notes:

  • You will need to relocate to Redmond for this role - we may consider remote once we have a core team established.
  • You need to be legally authorized to work in the US.


p.s. You can read more about my management philosophy here: https://blog.jongallant.com/category/Leadership/

Software Engineer Job Description

Are you a deeply technical software engineer who is intrigued by the opportunity to build software that you know will have immediate impact for a multitude of customers?

We are a team of expert developers that tackle the hardest challenges faced by Azure customers. We build open-source software to address those challenges or embed directly with our Azure engineering teams to build the capabilities into the core services. Over the years, we have had a lot of success building services, solutions, and developer experiences alongside engineering teams that enable our customers to build their solutions. We are continuing to scale our efforts in this space and are hiring engineers to focus on uncovering and solving more of these difficult problems.

This is a deeply-technical-coding-heavy role. While Commercial Software Engineering (CSE) is a worldwide team of engineers that spends a majority of our time coding directly with customers, this sub-team will primarily create software that impacts all Azure developers by building core capabilities into our cloud platform. You will be expected to spend most of your time coding with a small team of developers, just like you would on a core engineering team.

Here’s how we describe an ideal developer for our team:

  • You have been writing and deleting code for 3-10+ years.
  • You have built high-scale cloud services.
  • You like to set your own direction and thrive in ambiguous environments.
  • You go out of your way to help other developers. You naturally share what you learn to help others grow. You enjoy pairing and participating in architecture, design and code reviews.
  • You build high-quality code and know that quality is more than just unit tests and code coverage.
  • You are respectful. You have an opinion, but you aren’t opinionated. You respectfully disagree with others and make a case for your position.
  • You are an optimizer. You do something once and then automate it. You always package up your reusable code and share it with others.
  • You move fast. You learn new tech and quickly get productive with it.
  • You value the team and develop a tight coalition with your peers to have greater impact. Your peers want to work with you because you are supportive and collaborative.



  • 3-10+ years coding software with a major language like C#, F#, Go, Python, Java, or JavaScript.
  • 3-10+ years coding frontend apps, backend services, or cloud infrastructure.
  • Experience developing cloud solutions: PaaS, SaaS, IaaS, and/or Serverless.
  • Experience developing amazing developer experiences including SDKs, APIs, CLIs, and tools.
  • Experience developing container based solutions with an orchestrator such as Kubernetes.
  • Experience building DevOps pipelines.
  • Experience working on tight-knit collaborative team.
  • Customer empathy or a desire to code with customers to develop this skill.
  • Constant learner, ready to pick up new technologies, patterns and paradigms.

Nice to have:

  • Experience coding with customers.
  • Experience with Kanban process.
  • Experience working for a major cloud provider.
  • Experience developing high-throughput messaging systems.
  • Experience contributing to open-source software projects.