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Got this error when logging into a machine that I hadn’t touched in months: “the security database on the server does not have a computer account for this workstation trust relationship” Not exactly s

PDC Wrapup - My fav sessions

PDC was great this year! Here’s a quick list of my favorite sessions of technologies and products that Social Bookmarking will use soon… Stuff we’ll use this year: Velocity ADO.NET Data Services Vis

New MSDN & TechNet Search URLs

Along with all the other new features of our recent MSDN & TechNet search release we also created “search” sub-domains for both of the sites. The new URLs are: and http://se

Backslash key on Blackjack II

The backslash key isn’t on the default key layout on the Blackjack. Just hold down the “sym” button and a list of symbols (special characters) will appear. Jon

LINQ TO SQL Designer not updating Codefile Fix

I’m not sure exactly what leads to this issue, but in 2008 SP1 the designer doesn’t always update the codefile after dragging from Server Explorer. Hit F7 from the designer and move (or add) the “usin

Web Unit Tests Without HttpContext

Phil Haack created a very useful HttpSimulator to assist in unit testing code that accesses the HttpContext. I was up an running in a few minutes. Here’s a sample that worked for me. [TestMethod] publ