Heartland Developers Conference (HDC12) Speaker Blogs and Twitter Accounts

I’ve been working on an app in my spare time called “Conf Speakers” to help us subscribe to and follow devs who speak at conferences. Most conference sites don’t provide an easy way to do so, which led me to create a quick console app back in July for aspConf. Based on the speaker names, the app will find the speaker blog, blog feeds and twitter accounts. It then generates and OPML file and Twitter list to allow other devs to easily subscribe to blogs and follow on Twitter.

Since then, I’ve been working on converting that to a web app to help me collect all the data. It’s not 100% complete, but I did want to get the opml and twitter list out there for the Heartland Developers Conference HDC, which takes place this week.




You can subscribe to the HDC12 speaker blogs by importing this OPML file into your feed reader.

If you aren’t familiar with OPML, it is an xml file that contains feed urls. You can easily import an OPML file into your feed reader and subscribe to all the feeds in bulk. If you don’t know how to do this then just search for “OPML import [feed reader name]” (replace [feed reader name] with the feed reader you use). If you can’t find out how to do this then ping me and I’ll try to help you out.

Direct link: http://jongallant.com/HDC12SpeakerBlogs.xml


[twitter-bird-blue-on-white_thumbYou can easily follow HDC12 speakers by going to the HDC12 Speaker list page and clicking follow next to the speakers that you want to follow.



Name Blog Feed Twitter
Aaron Bedra Blog Feed abedra
Adam Grocholski Blog Feed codel8r
Andy Peters
Bradley Gross
Brent Stineman Blog Feed BrentCodeMonkey
Chris Carlson
Cory House Blog Feed housecor
Dave Malouf Blog Feed daveixd
Donn Felker Blog Feed
Drew Davies Blog Feed drewdavies
Eric Boyd Blog Feed EricDBoyd
Gabe Romero
Jeff Bramwell Blog Feed jbramwell
Jeff Brand Blog Feed jabrand
Joe Stagner Blog Feed MisfitGeek
Jon Von Gillern Blog Feed vongillern
Jonathan Mills Blog Feed jonathanfmills
Kevin Hoyt Blog Feed krhoyt
Kyle Murphy
Lee Brandt Blog Feed leebrandt
Matt Milner Blog Feed Milnertweet
Matt Watson Blog Feed mattwatson81
Michael Price
Mike Benkovich Blog Feed mbenko
Molly Holzschlag Blog Feed mollydotcom
Nate Ryan
Nick Landry Blog Feed ActiveNick
Patrick Delancy Blog Feed PatrickDelancy
Pete Brown Blog Feed Pete_Brown
Raymond Camden Blog Feed cfjedimaster
Rob Reynolds Blog Feed ferventcoder
Robert Boedigheimer Blog Feed boedie
Ronald Yenko
Russ Fustino Blog Feed russtoolshed
Ryan Means Blog Feed rmeans
Sandeep Khandelwal Blog Feed
Terrance Ryan Blog Feed tpryan
Terry Ryan
Tom Flaherty
Volker Schulz