ThatConference Speaker Blogs and Twitter Accounts

Here are the ThatConference speakers and twitter accounts. You can subscribe to all speaker blogs using the OPML file and follow all the speakers on Twitter using the ThatConference Twitter List.


You can subscribe to the ThatConference speaker blogs by importing this OPML file into your feed reader.

If you aren’t familiar with OPML, it is an xml file that contains feed urls. You can easily import an OPML file into your feed reader and subscribe to all the feeds in bulk. If you don’t know how to do this then just search for “OPML import [feed reader name]” (replace [feed reader name] with the feed reader you use). If you can’t find out how to do this then ping me and I’ll try to help you out. >


You can easily follow ThatConference speakers by going to the ThatConference Speaker list page and clicking “Follow” next to the speakers that you want to follow.!/jongallant/thatconference-speakers/members


Name Blog Feed Twitter
Aaron Douglas Blog Feed astralbodies
Aaron Erickson Blog Feed AaronErickson
Aaron Hayon amhayon
Aaron Saray Blog Feed aaronsaray
Adam Bradley adamdbradley
Adam Hoffman Blog Feed stratospher_es
Alex Hardin
Arthur Kay Blog Feed arthurakay
Avonelle Lovhaug Blog Feed avonelleL
Brad Broulik Blog Feed BradBroulik
Brandon Satrom Blog Feed BrandonSatrom
Brent Edwards Blog Feed brentledwards
Brent Schooley Blog Feed brentschooley
Brian Hogan Blog Feed bphogan
Brian Prince Blog Feed brianhprince
Bryan Hunter Blog Feed bryan_hunter
Burke Holland Blog Feed burkeholland
Chiu-Ki Chan Blog Feed chiuki
Chris Gardner Blog Feed freestylecoder
Chris McAvoy Blog Feed chmcavoy
Chris Powers chrisjpowers
Clark Sell Blog Feed csell5
Dan Normington Blog Feed dannormington
David Bates Blog Feed davidbates
David Giard Blog Feed DavidGiard
Devin Rader Blog Feed devinrader
Eric Boyd Blog Feed EricDBoyd
Eric Landes Blog Feed ericlandes
Erik Klimczak Blog Feed eklimcz
George Heeres
Greg Levenhagen Blog Feed GregLevenhagen
Igor Polevoy Blog Feed
Indu Prakash
Jacob Gable Blog Feed jacob4u2
James Kovacs Blog Feed JamesKovacs
Jason Bock Blog Feed jasonbock
Jason Follas Blog Feed jfollas
Jay Harris Blog Feed jayharris
Jay Schmelzer
Jeff Alstadt Blog Feed jeffalstadt
Jeff Blankenburg Blog Feed jeffblankenburg
Jeff Carouth Blog Feed jcarouth
Jeremiah Billmann Blog Feed JBillmann
Jim Buswell Blog Feed jbuswell
Jimmy Bogard Blog Feed jbogard
Joe Johnston Blog Feed merhl
John O’Donnell Blog Feed jodonnel
John Ptacek jptacek
Jon Galloway Blog Feed jongalloway
Jon Polfer JonPolfer
Jon Von Gillern Blog Feed vongillern
Jonathan Baltz Blog jonathanbaltz
Ka Wai Cheung developerscode
Keith Burnell Blog Feed keburnell
Keith Casey Blog Feed CaseySoftware
Keith Dahlby Blog Feed dahlbyk
Ken Harris harris901
Kevin McMahon Blog Feed klmcmahon
Lance Larsen
Leon Gersing rubybuddha
Matt Casto mattcasto
Matt Hidinger Blog Feed MattHidinger
Matt Milner Blog Feed Milnertweet
matt winkler Blog Feed mwinkle
Matthew Carver Blog matthew_carver
Matthew Friedel Blog Feed Jam_Mobile
Michael Collier Blog Feed MichaelCollier
Michael Crump Blog Feed mbcrump
Michael Eaton Blog Feed mjeaton
Michael Steineke Blog Feed MSteineke
Mike Amundsen Blog Feed mamund
Mike Willbanks Blog Feed mwillbanks
Misko Hevery Blog Feed mhevery
Nick Landry Blog Feed ActiveNick
Pete Brown Blog Feed Pete_Brown
Philip Japikse Blog Feed skimedic
Praveen Aravamudham Paravamu
Raghavan Srinivas Blog Feed ragss
Rey Bango Blog Feed reybango
Richard Campbell Blog Feed richcampbell
Rick Garibay Blog Feed rickggaribay
Robert Boedigheimer Blog Feed boedie
Ryan Niemeyer Blog Feed RPNiemeyer
Samidip Basu Blog Feed samidip
Sara Summers Blog Feed ssummers
Scott Felder Blog Feed ScottFelder
Scott Hanselman Blog Feed shanselman
Sharon Cichelli Blog Feed scichelli
Steve Bodnar SteveBodnar
Steven Murawski Blog Feed StevenMurawski
Ted Neward Blog Feed tedneward
That Conference
Tim Barcz Blog Feed TimBarcz
Tim Miller Blog timrmiller
Todd Gardner toddhgardner
Tony Guidici Blog Feed tonyguid
Vance Lucas Blog Feed vlucas
Vince Baskerville Blog Feed whoisvince
Wade Wegner Blog Feed WadeWegner
Wendy Istvanick Blog Feed jemappellewendy