Is it more secure to not allow passwords with special characters? thinks so.

My Gmail account got hacked last year which led me to develop a complex password system that includes special characters.

They aren’t the only site that I’ve come across to do this, but for some reason does not allow passwords with special characters.

Their validation message is: “Your password can be between 6 and 22 characters long, with any combination of letters and/or numbers. Special characters such as @#$%^&*:;/ are not permitted.”

I use a different password for every account. It is very long and contains many special characters. I have a system that works great, but it assumes that I’ll be able to enter special characters. If a site doesn’t allow special characters then I need to deviate from my system. I have to do a one off for that site and somehow remember that this site doesn’t allow special characters when I login.

I just have one question for Hyatt. Why wouldn’t you allow special characters in your passwords? I would love to be schooled. Help me out.

Here’s a screen shot of their password validation message.