How to Install Neo4j on Windows and a Solution to "Unable to access jarfile windows-service-wrapper-*.jar"

Installing Neo4j on Windows is pretty straightforward, but the Neo4j installation instructions for Windows are lacking….this is all they have. It’s a little more involved than that.

Install Java

Download and Install the Java JDK from [](

I clicked on this graphic:

[![clip_image001](/images/blog/3473af3eb567_6CED/clip_image001_thumb.png "clip_image001")

Install Neo4j

Download the Community Edition of Neo4j from [](

[![clip_image004](/images/blog/3473af3eb567_6CED/clip_image004_thumb.png "clip_image004")

Open base.bat in c:\temp\Neo4j\...\bin with your favorite text editor, I use Notepad++, but any text editor will do. >

Note if you don't do this step you could get this exception when trying to install Neo4j

Error: Unable to access jarfile windows-service-wrapper-*.jar > Find this line: > set wrapperJarFilename=windows-service-wrapper-*.jar > Change it to: > set wrapperJarFilename=windows-service-wrapper-4.jar

Save base.bat

Open a Command Prompt and navigate to c:\temp\Neo4j\...\bin

Run Neo4j.bat

You might get a UAC prompt if you just double click on it. If you do, click "More info", then click "Run Anyway"

[![clip_image006](/images/blog/3473af3eb567_6CED/clip_image006_thumb.png "clip_image006")

There are a lot of ways to get help…start with [](