Moving on to Microsoft Advertising to work on a super secret Win8 app. Come join me.

I joined MSN three years ago to help them turn around the Tools team and that work is done. The team is in a really good place now, so it’s time to move on. Honestly, the MSN Tools team was one the most jelled teams I’ve ever been on and I was having a blast. But, I like to try new things and Microsoft is very cool about letting you do that every year or so. I started looking for my next role back in October, shortly after that I was re-org’d to the homepage. While that put me in an awesome position…to own the homepage, it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. I learned a ton at MSN, like how to hire the right people, how to mentor people into becoming managers and how to run a team that gets a lot done and has fun at the same time. But, back in October I decided to try something in a different org….I just didn’t know what yet.

I recently found out about an opportunity that my long time manager was diving into. No code. Brand new market and product. Windows8 Modern app. All that sounded awesome, but what really sold me was meeting the man running the team: Eric Engstrom, one of the Renegades of the Empire…. when I left that meeting I told myself that it didn’t matter what he was working on, I wanted to work with Eric. It’s not to often that you find someone with so much passion and innovation and the know-how to execute on it. I’m pumped about the project, but I’m equally pumped about what I will learn from him. I, without a doubt, accepted the job and will start on 3/18.

So here’s the interesting part. I’m employee #2 in a 30 person team….that means I need to hire at 28 developers! It gets better. The project is super secret. I can’t tell you what the app is about until you come in for an interview and after you sign an NDA. That, honestly, is cool. I’ve never been able to say I worked on an app that I can’t tell anyone about. I’m sure Mary J. Foley will try to figure it out, but I don’t think she will :)

You’ll find the job description below. Here’s how to apply:

  1. Apply on the official MS site here. I know the job description says SDE II and 2+ years of experience, but that is just the minimum for us to get the job posted on the careers site. It’s totally okay for you to have more experience and levels will be figured out after your interview and before we make you an offer.
  2. Send me a note with a link to your online resume (linkedin, stackoverflow, etc) here.
    Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for submitting your resume. Good luck!


No legacy code. Windows 8 app. We are entering into a new market for Microsoft. We are developing a key application combining features of Bing into a truly native experience for Windows.

We are the User Centric Advertising team and we are going to push the limits of the social graph and machine learning to deliver a world class experience on Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and the Web. We just got the green light from the leadership team to move forward with the project and we now need to hire a team of engineers to go build it. We haven’t fleshed out all the details, but that is a good thing. You can come in and see the project blossom from the ground up and influence the direction of it. One thing we know for sure is that we have the drive and know the product and team are going to be amazing.

We will be a tightknit team of engineers that put shipping the product above all other artificial boundaries. Our team members with more feature development background will do most of the feature code and our team members with more of an automation background will do most of the automation development…but you will work together to ship. Mutual ownership at its finest.

Most of us on the team haven’t developed Windows 8 applications yet. It would be a plus to have Windows 8 development experience, but not required. We are a bunch of web developers that are experts in building applications using the latest and greatest technologies including MVC, jQuery and a slew of other technologies that other teams rarely get the opportunity to experiment with.

You don’t need join a startup to have the startup vibe, come join us and get all the same benefits of a startup culture with the security of all that Microsoft has to offer.

Required Experience:

  • 2+ years relevant web development experience

  • Fluent in multiple web technologies with hands on experience in many of these areas: HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, jQuery, ASP.NET, WebApi, MVC, JSON, RSS/ATOM
  • Must demonstrate strong skill in C#, VB, Java or C++
  • Understanding of Agile Methodology
  • BS in Computer Science or related field or equivalent experiencePluses:

  • Windows 8 Application Development

  • A/B Testing Experience
  • Experience building reliable, large-scale web sites or services
  • Good understanding of web performance and scalability concerns

  • You have to relocate to Redmond.

  • You have to have valid work status. US Citizen or H1B that you can transfer. If current Microsoft and not in US then you need to be with company at least 1 year for an L1.