My team at Microsoft needs a Senior Front End Dev. AngularJS. JavaScript. HTML5. CSS3. C#. NOSQL.

I run the Creative Entry Points dev team within Microsoft Advertising. We build the UI and APIs that allows partners to get Ad Assets (images, videos, text) into the Ads system.

I’m rethinking things. We are definitely moving to Azure Service Bus, Azure Media Services, WebAPI, evaluating NOSQL options and are moving towards AngularJS.

I’m looking for a seasoned front end dev with many years of experience building front end apps. You must be a master of your craft. You must have single page app experience, AngularJS, Knockout, Durandal, Backbone, Ember, Require, etc, etc. You know HTTP inside and out. You are a JavaScript master. You know the difference between HTML4 and 5…and CSS2 vs CSS3. You know LESS, Modernizr, Bootstrap & Jasmine/Mocha. You contribute to open source projects. You have proof of your experience online (Blog, Github, SO, etc). You know how to take the plethora of frameworks and libraries and make them sing.

You are a front end dev because you couldn’t imagine doing anything else. You aren’t in this thing because you had to pick something. It’s your calling.

You will be a technical leader for a small team of peer front end devs. Not a manager, a technical leader.

We are a very high performing team and put all candidates through very extensive evaluation process. Be prepared to be challenged. All candidates that come through enjoy the process, but it can be tough. We will drill in. We are tight knit and can’t risk a bad apple. Most of us have families, work reasonable hours and are very productive.

Does that describe you to a tee? Click here to send me your resume. Be sure to include a brief comment that explains how you are the best fit.

See my “working at Microsoft” posts to get a better idea of how my team functions: /tags/microsoft

No remote workers. Must relo to Seattle area. US residents only.