Power BI: How to Clear All Filters on a Power BI Report

It quite common to lose track of what filters you currently have applied to a Power BI report. Also, there’s no out of the box way to clear them all. So, here’s how to do it.

We’re going to add an image and a bookmark when no filters set. When a user CTRL+clicks on the image, the bookmark will be activated and clear all filters.

Create Bookmark

  1. Clear all filters on your report. Get it into a state that you want it to be in when the user clicks the Clear Filters button.
  2. Go to View -> Bookmarks

  1. Click Add

  1. Name it Clear Filters

Insert Image

  1. Go to Insert -> Image and select a filter image. I recommend you download this one: https://github.com/jongio/icons/blob/master/clearfilter/clearfiltericon.png

Position and resize it to suit your needs.

  1. Click the image
  2. In Format Image pane, turn on Action.
  3. Select Bookmark
  4. Select the Clear Filters bookmark. If you don’t see it, turn the action toggle off and then back on.
  5. Give it a tooltip. I entered CTRL+Click to Clear Filters. Because users might not know they need to click CTRL.

CTRL+Click the image to test it out. Publish. Profit.