How to Update GitHub Topic Icon and Description

GitHub has Topics. For example, when you search for “Azure” on GitHub it displays the Azure topic:

And when you click on “See topic” you can view the details of that topic:

Azure recently rebranded with a new icon, which Jeff Wilcox and I already updated for the Azure org:

But, we couldn’t figure out how to update the Azure topic icon. I pinged a bunch of people and my GitHub contacts didn’t know either. So, I emailed GitHub support and they informed me that the Topic icons and text are located in this repo:

And that the Azure icon is here:

And the description text is in the same directory.

So, I submitted a PR to get it updated:

Which should hopefully be merged soon.

UPDATE: The PR is merged and we now have the latest Azure icon in the Azure GitHub topic.

Hope this helps you figure out how to update a GitHub topic icon or text.