We're Hiring Developers for Microsoft Azure Developer Experience Team!

Azure Developer Experience Hiring Developers

Let me cut right to the chase and let the below job description speak for itself.

The Azure Developer Experience Team in the Developer Division at Microsoft, my team, is hiring devs of all levels, all langs, all clouds, all hosts, all platforms.

We are working on something new that will impact Azure devs in a major way and impacts all Azure related developer tools. Here’s your opporunity to have huge wide-sweeping impact.

Come join us!

  • US Remote OK. Redmond time-zone friendly ideal.

If interested, please do the following:

  1. Apply to one of these:
  1. Ping me here with a note to get my attention: https://jong.io/contact

Azure Developer Experience - Software Developer

Microsoft aspires to empower every developer to be successful building applications and services, using any language and platform. In the Developer Division, we are working to ensure that Azure is the best cloud for every developer.

Have you built cloud solutions and been disappointed about how hard it is to tie everything together into a cohesive end-to-end solution? Do you obsess over creating the absolute best developer experience for the products you are building? Do you enjoy building software that not only conforms to standards, but is intuitive and brings your users joy when using it.

Our team is building software that will allow you to put that obsession to good use by solely focusing on enabling Azure developers to quickly and easily build complete solutions.

As a Software Engineer, you will work to build outstanding developer tools and end-to-end experiences for Azure developers using .NET, Java, JavaScript, Python and GoLang. You will be a critical component to this small tight-nit team of engineers that is constantly focusing on improving the Azure developer experience. This is a great opportunity to work with all Azure services and tooling teams to provide a consistent developer experience interface for our customers.

We are still in the early stages of this effort, so now is a great time to join the team and help us put solutions into motion while delivering an exceptional developer experience.

Team Dynamics & Culture:

We have an amazing diverse, friendly, respectful, and energetic team environment. We are looking for candidates to embrace this culture and help us improve it every day. A significant portion of our team is remote, and we are very welcoming to the idea of having remote candidates.

This position is 100% Remote.


  • Develop tools, SDKs, CLIs, APIs focused on creating amazing Azure developer experiences
  • Build complete applications that demonstrate to customers how Azure recommends building solutions that align with what customers are building today and use tools and technologies they are familiar with
  • Work closely with the program management team to help define and design experiences that align with customer needs
  • Collaborate with customers, engineers, and teams across Microsoft to identify strategic end-to-end Azure developer experience scenarios and work with product and engineering teams to build tools and services to help improve Azure developer experience


Basic Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or equivalent work experience
  • Experience coding software with a major language like C#, F#, Go, Python, Java, or JavaScript
  • Experience coding frontend apps, backend services, or cloud infrastructure

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience with agile development process
  • Experience working for a major cloud provider
  • Experience building DevOps pipelines or Github Actions
  • Experience contributing to open-source software projects
  • Experience developing cloud solutions
  • Experience developing developer experiences including SDKs, APIs, CLIs, and tools
  • Experience working on tight-knit collaborative team
  • Constant learner, ready to pick up new technologies, patterns, and paradigms
  • Experience developing container-based solutions with an orchestrator such as Kubernetes