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Page Cannot Be Displayed error in IIS

The “page cannot be displayed” issue in IE could be many things. First turn off the Show Friendly Error Message option in IE. Then check event viewer. And if all else fails recreate the website in IIS

AJAX Control Extender Project Template Install

If you are wondering where the “Atlas Control Project” template disappeared to with the latest beta, you can find install instructions for the template here:

Slow Jerky Cursor on Virtual Machine?

If you have a slow jerky cursor (mouse) on a Virtual Machine it probably means that you need to install Virtual Machine Additions. How to install Virtual Machine Additions on a virtual machine http://

JavaScript Lint

My team uses many static analysis tools to check for common coding mistakes and coding standards. I recently stubbled upon JavaScriptLint which we’ll start using to analize our JavaScript code base, w

What is your dream dev portal?

What features would your dream dev portal have? Blogs, technologies, products, reviews, articles? Does the customizable experience at give you what you need or would you use a site that pushe

What's your homepage?

I’m a dev lead in a group that is part of MSDN and TechNet. I’m curious what you (the IT Pro/Dev community) think of the MSDN/TechNet homepages and how we could make them better. It’d be cool if you c

ASP.NET Videos

Lots of great ASP.NET videos up on

Learning Platform v3 is live!

The project I’ve been working on since I joined IDEO last October has finally shipped! Learning Platform v3 can be found at The Learning Platform allows you to Purchas

Cons of Response.Redirect(url, false)

The second parameter overload of Response.Redirect is nice because it doesn’t call Response.End, which is responsible for throwing the ThreadAbortException. BUT… The drawback to using this is that the

VSTS Performance Tools

Check out Ian Huff’s intro video about VSTS Performance Tools. It’s a great overview and covers just about everything you need to know about them.

Convert.ChangeType for Nullable types

Convert.ChangeType doesn’t support nullable types. Peter Johnson has a post which shows how to test and cast from object to Nullable types. The can obviously be extended with generics. http://aspallia

Amazon's Mechanical Turk

Let’s say an algorithm does what we need it to do really well 90% of the time. We have a choice to build the app to handle the other 10% which could come at substantial cost, or introduce a human work

Mix Day 1 Part 2

**Overview of Expression - Brad Becker **Splitview and XamlPad are included in the WinFx SDK. You can use them to create the Xaml by hand, but I would stay away if you can and go with Expression! It

Mix Day 1 - Part 1

My day started off by having a quick bite with Doug Seven of DotNetJunkies and SqlJunkies fame. Amazingly enough we work in the same building @ ms, but have never met - it’s cool b/c we both started c

Office 12 - What do you think?

Just installed Office12 yesterday…I know a bit late, but I’ve been working like crazy lately and just starting to get caught back up on what else is happening in this world ;) Wow - it is slick. I’m l

Mix it up!

Just found out that I’ll be hanging in LV for a few days next week at Mix06. For those of you that can’t go - what sessions would you like me to attend on your behalf? Here’s a link to the sessions: h