Microsoftie Perk #10 – Free Hardware

The is a post in a new blog series I’m writing called Microsoftie Perks

Yes it is true. Earlier this week at the company meeting Ballmer gave all Microsofties new Windows 8 machines, a Surface RT and a Windows Phone 8. I’ve been at Microsoft for 8 years now and while I’ve been able to order any hardware I need (with a good reason) this recent give away is by far the most extravagant I have seen. Yes, our best advocates are our employees using our hardware and software and Microsoft totally gets that. I would have been happy with 25-50% off, so to just give it away is awesome. Last year we all got a Windows Phone 7 for free which was really the first time I witnessed mass giveaways, other than at conferences. I’m hoping the trend continues and we all get a Windows Phone 9 when it comes out.

Free hardware is another amazing perk about being a Microsoftie.

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