Archive: 2009

Solution to an Unresponsive Zune Pad

The Zune Pad on my 80GB Zune was unresponsive for a day or so and a normal reset or restore didn’t work because they require the Zune pad to be working. This worked for me, give it a try: Plug Zune

How to Send a Text Message from

I spent about 20 mins with ATT technical support today trying to figure out how to send a Text from their website. Apparently they did some website updates and the “Send Text Message” option is buried

Zoom H4n Review

I picked up the Zoom H4n not too long ago for my concert and rehearsal recordings. While I’m really happy with the quality of the recordings there are some significant design flaws that prevent it fr

How to Create a New Category in Outlook

Creating a new category in Outlook isn’t very intuitive. Right click on the item you want to categorize Select “Categorize” Select “All Categories” Click the “New…” button Enter the Name of

Mobile Browser Detection in ASP.NET

Before last week the only two viable Mobile Browser Detection options were: WURFL – Great for non-.NET solutions. .NET APIs lack support2. DeviceAtlas – Great for .NET solutions, but it’s starts at

Mobile Web Design Book References

I just finished Cameron Moll’s “Mobile Web Design” book. Not only is it a great book…short, sweet and comprehensive, but it has a lot of great references. I figured I’d help others find the references

Hidden Facebook Status Codes

I installed win7 today and had to post about it… Facebook converts <3 to a heart…how cute. What other hidden Facebook codes are out there?

Delete All Outlook RSS Feeds

My Outlook RSS Feeds were in a really funky state this morning. I had to create a new profile and I had RSS Sync enabled. When that is the case Outlook re-adds all Feeds that you have ever added to th