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How to run .NET on RaspberryPi with Mono

I’ve spent a good part of the last 15 years doing .NET development. When I joined IoT and started getting ramped up, I quickly discovered that it is largely an unmanaged non-Microsoft world.

[object Object]

I was running the following post-build scripts in VS2013… $(FrameworkDir)\installutil.exe /u "$(TargetPath)" $(FrameworkDir)\installutil.exe "$(TargetPath)" and was getting this error… "System.Securi

On Developer Productivity

The best developers optimize every aspect of their lives. Optimization is built into their DNA. We are always looking for ways to not repeat ourselves and strive to make everything we do faster. Ever

Goodbye Microsoft, Hello Starbucks

I have a ton of interests and not enough time to give them all enough attention to be an expert at anything. All of my interests have one thing in common - they all take lots of time and energy to pe

How I Manage a Zero Inbox at Microsoft

Many years ago, I resolved to get a handle on managing the plethora of email that is part of the Microsoft culture. Email is a very important communication mechanism – it’s just a messaging system -