Solution to 'The level of the video being input to the display is not correct and the calibration is unable to continue. The video signal appears to be configured for an HDTV and not for a display monitor. Please check the video adapter settings and make sure that they are not configured for an HDTV.'

I have a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 745 graphics card, which has one DisplayPort and one HDMI port. My NEC PA322UHD is connected via DisplayPort and my NEC EA275UHD is connected via HDMI. I got this error wh


Azure CLI: How to Supress Command Output

Update As of Azure CLI version 2.0.55 that was released on 01/15/2019, the --output param now supports none. So you can just use: az [command] --output none to suppress CLI output. You can review the


Solution to Slow iPhone 6 with iOS 11

My iPhone 6 Plus was so slow it was unusable. Each tap would take 2-3 seconds and everything was sluggish. I deleted all apps I wasn’t using and turned off Background App Refresh but nothing helped.