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Azure REST APIs with Postman in 2 Minutes

The Azure REST APIs require a Bearer Token Authorization header. The docs do a great job explaining every authentication requirement, but do not tell you how to quickly get started. This post will ho

Azure IoT Edge with Azure Container Registry

You will likely want to run the Azure IoT Edge Runtime from your own Azure Container Registry (ACR). While this will be officially supported eventually, right now it is not, but there is a workaround.

Solution to Slow iPhone 6 with iOS 11

My iPhone 6 Plus was so slow it was unusable. Each tap would take 2-3 seconds and everything was sluggish. I deleted all apps I wasn’t using and turned off Background App Refresh but nothing helped.

Azure IoT Edge on Raspberry Pi

Azure IoT Edge Public Preview was just announced at Microsoft Connect. Here’s how to get it running on Raspberry Pi with Raspbian Stretch or Stretch Lite. Raspbian Jessie should work as well, but I h

How to Install Raspbian on Raspberry Pi

The very first thing you are going to want to do when you get your Raspberry Pi is install an OS. You have a few options, including Raspbian, a Debian based OS. Here’s how to get it installed. Purch

How to Change Raspberry Pi (Raspbian) Hostname

One of the first things you’ll want to do on a Raspberry Pi is change the hostname to something unique on your network. The default name is raspberrypi. You can change it via editing text files or th

.NET Core SDK Not Supported on ARM

The .NET Core SDK is not supported on ARM based devices such as the Raspberry Pi and the .NET Core team is not currently working on supporting it. As mentioned in the announcement, the SDK doesn’t fit

Why I Switched from Tile to Trackr

Update: 1/8/18: TrackR will now replace your first battery for FREE! I’ve been using TrackR for a couple of months now without issue. But I am surprised that the initial battery only lasted 2 months.

How to Change Your Raspberry Pi Password

You’ll want to make sure you don’t leave the default ‘pi’ user’s password to the default ‘raspberry’ setting. Here’s how to change it. Login to Pi Login to your Pi via Remote Desktop, SSH or via moni

How to SSH into a Raspberry Pi

You will often want to execute commands over SSH instead of having to Remote Desktop or access your Pi via a monitor and keyboard. Here’s how to get SSH setup on your Pi. Enable SSH Via Pi Terminal su

How to Run Docker on Raspberry Pi

It is very easy to get Docker running on a Raspberry Pi. Here’s a barebones post to get you started. You can execute the following commands over SSH or Remote Desktop. Install Docker curl -sSL https:

Solution to Unreachable Azure IoT Hub Endpoint

Azure IoT allows you to define “Endpoints” and send messages to them via “Routes”. Learn more about Endpoints and Routes here. I setup a Service Bus Queue Endpoint, but it was showing as “Unreachable”

How to Host Jenkins on Azure

6/29/17 Update: There’s a new Azure Solution Template for Jenkins here: Here’s how to get Jenkins on Azu

How to Install git-ftp on Windows

I use git-ftp to deploy my hexo blog from a git repo to an FTP site. Getting it setup on Windows was non-trivial. Here’s how I got it working. 1. Install Chocolatey 2.

How to Find Azure Regions with Lowest Latency

I recently gave a few presentations at Ignite New Zealand and used a couple of applications to help me find the lowest latency Azure Region from Auckland. You’ll want to know the top two regions, bec