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Azure Identity 301 - ChainedTokenCredential

Azure Identity is an Azure SDK library that abstracts all the authentication complexities so you can get back to building your Azure solutions. In Azure Identity 101, we learned about DefaultAzureCre

Azure Identity 202 - Environment Variables

Azure Identity is a library that abstracts away all of the Azure authentication complexities so you can focus on building your solutions. In Azure Identity 101, I introduced DefaultAzureCredential, w

Create a Golang CLI in Minutes with Cobra

I’m new to Golang and yesterday I attempted to create a Golang CLI. Here’s what I learned while getting it up and running on WSL. This took me a while. Hopefully with this post it only takes you a fe

Azure Identity 101 - DefaultAzureCredential

Azure Identity is a library that simplifies how applications authenticate with Azure services. The following code news up a KeyVault SecretClient and passes it a DefaultAzureCredential object, which

How to Update GitHub Topic Icon and Description

GitHub has Topics. For example, when you search for “Azure” on GitHub it displays the Azure topic: And when you click on “See topic” you can view the details of that topic: Azure recently rebranded

GitHub - Open in Visual Studio Code Insiders

VS Code just released an update that lets you embed an “Open in Visual Studio Code” button in your GitHub readme. It uses the Remote Repositories VS Code extension to directly open the repo without

Using GitHub CLI and Git in GitHub Codespaces

Update - New GitHub CLI Extension GitHub CLI 2.0 introduced CLI Extensions. I took a few minutes and threw all of the fixes below into a new extension called “Setup Git Credential Helper” and can be

Azure REST APIs in VS Code with Thunder Client

Thunder Client is a new REST client VS Code extension. It’s like Postman, but integrated into VS Code. I’d consider it an early preview and far from the feature richness and maturity of Postman, bu

McDonald's No Salt

I don’t eat at McDonald’s often, but when I do it’s sodium overload because me and my kid are use to a very low-sodium diet. While on a recent roadtrip we wanted to make a quick stop at McDonald’s. I

Azure REST APIs with Insomnia

Here’s how to call the Azure REST APIs with Insomnia - a modern lightweight REST API client. Azure SDKs Before we go too far into this Azure REST APIs for Insomnia post, I want to make sure that you Review

I recently and successfully used to park my car at Master Park at SeaTac - so I thought I would write a quick note to let my readers know that it’s a good service and wo

Azure REST APIs with Postman (2021)

Every year or so I do an Azure REST APIs with Postman blog and video. It’s 2021 and Postman has changed quite a bit since my last update, so here’s the latest and greatest info. Azure SDKs Before we